Gardener Will Return

ImageToday was filled with Mother Nature’s gifts. I’m super tired as I write or I’d tell you more about this Green Healing Day.  Sometimes, these awesome days wear me out, but my spirit is always very much alive after going to the gardens.

Not so good is that I was bitten by more ticks.  Some people might question my intelligence.  I live with chronic pain and fatigue, as a result of tick-borne infections.  Maybe I should find another interest besides Nature.  I’m getting a little tired of the ticks, but I love being outdoors and gardening.

In one way I look at it, there are lessons for me to learn.  I could be more diligent about the type of clothes I wear, as well as changing them as soon as I can after being outdoors.  I could pay closer attention to some things. 

For example,  I spilled water on the counter top while filling the container. to water some small plants today.  I did it several times in a row.  I had let my mind and the many thoughts swirling around in my head have all my attention. 

The Horticulture Therapist just happened to be there today.  She helped me water the gardens, and noticed when I spilled the water.  She’s very nice, and so I tole her that I knew I needed to pay better attention. 

“That’s how accidents happen,” she remarked in her gentle and kind way.  I recalled falling on my bicycle in 2009.  I could have prevented that ‘accident’ I thought to myself.  It’s true.

Sometimes if I have so many thoughts in my head at once, I focus on my breathing.  I don’t try to control it, but I watch it.  I also count backwards, while watching my breath.  I watch it as I breathe in, and then as I breathe out.  It’s a simple and easy technique.  This is a way to bring attention back to the moment.  It helps to quiet a racing mind.

Signing off today, as I head towards the Great Blue Mountains in our state. I hope you too will have your own Green Healing moments. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts here and thanks for visiting Green Healing Notes.

10 thoughts on “Gardener Will Return

  1. You know, Michelle, I have developed an almost-paranoia about the ticks, having been thru a year on IV antibiotics, and knowing how many other tick borne diseases there are, some of which I almost certainly have… it’s made me almost afraid to venture out into our beautiful woods. Today we saw three deer in the “yard.” I love the deer, love seeing them, but more & more it’s from the safety of the porch or deck.

    I hate feeling this way. I want to return to the wild freedom of childhood, running barefoot through the trees… I think they are easier to detect on bare skin, and can’t bear the thought of having go out dressed in long pants & boots & all that, so it’s usually bare feet & shorts for me, and I check everywhere I can see before I come in… but there’s always your head to feel around, and they are so tiny. *sigh*

    I hope you didn’t pick up anything new, any new infections. Sending healing thoughts & gentle hugs…


    • Arrgh!!! Another tick Ash! Many this week. I stayed away from the trees today, but only a moment under the Paw Paw tree must have been enough. A tick with the white spot this time! And boy did it get me hard. Jeeze. I may go ahead now and start the Doxy that I almost started last week. I have not felt well, tired and nauseated, but keep thinking it is from all the stuff I’ve been doing, driving and watering garden, and so many responsibilities, that I thought/think it must be a flare, this not feeling good. Have lost my appetite completely, again. In fact, need to get some food now. So, I guess I’ll have to make some changes too. I can’t stand the ticks anymore, and this year is the worst I’ve seen. Ever! I can’t stand Doxy either. I’m just not in such a great mood at the moment, because of ticks, so sorry I ranted here.

      Thanks for your thoughts, and definitely for the healing wishes. I sure need a break. And, my back is killing me in a spasm. So, I feel about 80 today. Least I ate a beet.

      I hope your headache is getting better and not worse. I’m thinking of you and sending you healing wishes too.

      Love, Michelle.

      • I suggest you do the doxy. If you don’t get the Lyme in the first couple of weeks then it can spread & go into spore state & be nearly impossible to get rid of. All of which you likely already know. But being a chronic Lyme patient is much worse than a few weeks on doxy… so please take care of yourself! I don’t want you to be any more ill than you already are. You’re a dear friend & I just care & worry about you, sweetheart.
        Sending much love & healing thoughts!


        • Hi Ash, I just saw this comment all these months later! You know, I should have taken Doxy. I realize how tired I’ve been the entire summer, then ending with pneumonia. Well… Sigh.

          Sending you Virtual Green healing hugs and love,
          xoxoxo Michelle.

  2. I was lucky, the tick I had in my head for several days, picked up in the heart of lyme disease country didn’t have the disease, but it hasn’t stopped me from going for walks in areas with ticks.
    One time, I noticed several ticks when we got back into the car after a walk. We had a change of clothes in the trunk, the parking lot was remote, so we striped down to nothing and did a full body check for ticks — luckily the ticks were just on our clothes. We had just put on the new clothes, when an suv with a young couple pulled into the lot!
    I try to remember to wear high socks, and tuck my pants into them, and check after going through tall grass. Trouble is we often walk in areas that have both deer and wood ticks — coming at you from two directions.
    Hope you had a great trip! I look forward to the pictures and the commentary so I can feel like I was in the back seat again.

    • phylor, Hi!

      Yes, you were lucky about the tick for sure. I forgot the percentage of disease carrying ticks. It’s pretty low, relative to the number of ticks, which in my opinion is way too many.

      I’m going to start doing like you and carry an extra set of clothing. I’ll just change after being in the gardens before driving home. I think wearing shorts and the least amount of clothes is best, and if possible, sandals. I’ve always heard they get on your clothes and it’s easier to catch them on your skin first?

      As to my trip, wow! I’m exhausted. It was quite taxing, honestly. It was one of those times when I needed to go and had to get back soon to care for my dogs. I did enjoy the mountains though. I didn’t think I would have time, but not the case 🙂

      They were beautiful and I also saw some of the most handsome Cattle I’ve ever seen in my life! We got lost in a place that looked like Heaven!

      I might write a post about it. We’ll see.

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your tick news and story. I imagine the young couple wondered what was going on in that parking lot. Gave them something to talk about during their own hike I bet.

      With tons of Green Healing wishes for you,
      Hugs and Love,

  3. Michelle I hope that you will soon be rested, and back full of vigor and life.. I just love the photo of the empty chair and shoes. as well as all your added photos in your side margins….Thinking about you this weekend… Its been my day off work today although Ive done plenty of catch up chores and baking.. Im working Tomorrow.. So have yourself a Good weekend my friend.. and enjoy the Mountain Air..
    Hugs to you my friend ~Sue xx

    • Thank you, Dreamwalker. I love the photos too. They relax me.

      I look forward to visiting your Sanctuary soon, and especially will check in on your ‘Recipes’ –Are you baking strawberry anything? LOL, I’ve been craving Strawberries, pretty constantly, ever since I saw your garden plot and imagined them growing and making their way to jam or pies on your table.

      I hope your day at work is good. I’ll be driving a lot, and I’m not too excited about that. I hope for energy.

      Thank you for your note and well wishes.
      Big hugs and Love,

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