The Butterfly Whispered a Call to Play

The white butterfly that healed my heart!

My day wasn’t going well and it was still early.  Heading outside to hang around a butterfly, I guess, is one way I’m coping with confusing times.

I’ve probably written before that I love the smaller, perhaps less noticed butterflies, as much as I do the fantastically big and colorful ones.  They might be small, but up close, they have amazing patterns and intricate details.

While sitting with my morning coffee, feeling altogether displaced, which is an experience that hit me hard after a recent move, I was drawn to the white butterfly dancing around my container plants. 

I had moved the plants to the corner of the lawn, hoping they might catch some rain.  I put the bird bath in the middle of the containers, which to my surprise, created a space I especially liked.

I’m pretty sure my winged visitor was the  Cabbage White Butterfly. 

A pair showed up about ten days ago and have since been fluttering around my sparse container garden.

Mostly, the butterfly was getting some needed morning sunshine, favoring the Lemon Balm for this purpose, and the yellow Lantana for sipping nectar.

I sat down in the grass.  A few times, I thought the pretty white butterfly was going to land on my arm or shoulder, but instead, it playfully swooped and danced around me and my camera. 

A silent call to play took hold and for a little while, I was free to play, just like the pretty white butterfly!


Click on images for a closer look. 

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8 thoughts on “The Butterfly Whispered a Call to Play

  1. Beautiful words and photographs. Sorry that you are not in a good space right now. Today is summer solstice; perhaps it will bring some solace.
    Wishing you a great summer of 2014. I’m glad you have a bird bath and container garden. You have created some of the wildness you lost with your move.

    • Thanks, Phy. I didn’t realize today (or rather, yesterday), was summer solstice! Wow! I’m outta touch, I guess, but I’m glad you told me 🙂

      It is true that I’m not in a good space. Communicating more than this has been hard. I’m not sure exactly what all is going on, but perhaps I can write you via the PO soon and talk more.

      Thank you for sharing with me here. Your comments mean a lot to me.


      • I understand that communicating can be difficult. Please get in touch with me whenever/how ever you want.
        Know that I am sending you and your son and Ruthie Mae good thoughts and strengthening spirits.

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