Window Views of Nature

Little Birds flock together on a cold snowy day. Some days, Green Healing is white!

2 thoughts on “Window Views of Nature

  1. Beautiful. My camera has died, so no pictures of our 11+ inches of snow. Dug out spots to sprinkle bird seed and we have doves, cardinals, Carolina wren, juncos, white throat and song sparrows, house sparrows, gold finches and house finches today. A hungry lot!

    • So nice to hear of all your birds!!!

      I have a flock of cardinals, which are so pretty in the snow. I saw (after hearing) a red-headed woodpecker today, but no photo of that one. I don’t know the little birds, with the gold on them, but maybe my brain will work again one day.

      I am surrounded by boxes and it’s driving me in sane.

      No curtains yet either. Can’t find them, so I can see out and everyone can see in when they walk by! sigh, again, phy.

      I’m wishing I hadn’t moved, but I guess if I ever get unpacked, I will enjoy it. I don’t have a private yard, but since I put my bird station up, and am the only person here with one, people tend to walk around my corner 🙂

      I saw the Great Blue Heron yesterday, about twenty minutes before the snow hit. This is our first real snow, so everyone is excited.

      I moved one of the feeders today, so the Mockingbird can rule the bird station 🙂

      “My ground!” Mockingbird says every day 🙂

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