Swallowtail under Carolina Blue Sky


4 thoughts on “Swallowtail under Carolina Blue Sky

    • Hi Phylor!

      Thanks for your note. I have been going through photos of last Summer and found this one. I’ve tried photographing birds but that is really hard to do! So, I realize I like butterflies better 😉

      I hope you are doing well and also that I get to visit your blog again soon. I have been sort of out of touch lately, grieving for the loss of our dog, but am coming around I think. I know he would not want me to be so sad.

      Warm Hugs and Love,

      • Just got Windows 8 (real good deal) and there seems to be more keystrike shortcuts than before. I keep getting kicked out of the review, and when I find it again, all the words are gone!
        Just wanted to send you ((((hugs))))). Everyone deals with grief in their own way.
        Someday you will feel Tiny walking along with you, putting his head in your lap, know that he is still with you in spirit.
        Tiny would understand the mourning; but as you say at some point he would like the good remembrances rather than tears.
        My thoughts are with you!

        • Thank you Phy. My son wants to plant some wildflower seeds on Tiny’s grave-site.

          I think as soon as it is a bit warmer and dry, we will do that. Maybe some Marigolds around it too. Deer don’t like those.

          I planted flowers on Free’s resting place, which is beside Tiny’s, and it made me feel good to see it so pretty afterward. I think my son needs something like that since he has mentioned several times.

          Thank you again for your note. xoxo (((hugs)))

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