American Robin Listening for Worms

“Sounds like A Worm to Me!” 

American Robin

new camera 2835Robins are a fun bird to watch! 

I mentioned in an earlier post that a neighbor and I were birdwatching together one day, when he told me the American Robin hops, and then stops, so that it may hear a worm. 

So, you can imagine my delight when I captured a few images of this Robin listening for what I feel safe in assuming, worms! 

I can’t think of a better springtime song for a Robin, as the sound of a worm in the cool dirt.

robin march listeningThanks for visiting Green Healing Notes!

11 thoughts on “American Robin Listening for Worms

  1. Sorry to read of the set-back in march (I haven’t been to facebook or fund me recently). Could Ruthie Mae’s interest in eating dirt be an indication of anything? I know that in people, especially children, eating things like dirt or chalk can be an indicator of physical issues such as lack of certain minerals. I think it people, the action maybe called something like pica?
    Hope Ruthie Mae is doing better.
    You and your family (furry and otherwise) is always in my thoughts!

    • Thank you, Phylor. Thanks for your kind sentiments.

      Honestly, I’ve had a few set backs, and Ruthie is still so sensitive.

      I’ve been making home made food quite often, b/c of cost mostly and also because the canned prescription food is full of grains. She was hungry eating that food.

      Strangely, every dog I’ve had starts eating dirt around age eight. Ruthie does it to get attention too, but she does want to eat a clump, so I am not sure if she is possibly deficient.

      I have some “Edible Earth,” which is for me, and is basically clay (“for purification and revitalization for the GI tract”).

      Have you heard of this product? It was a gift from the Nurse/Nutritionist/Holistic practitioner, whom I see sometimes. I thought about giving a little to Ruthie, and he said I could, since she wants dirt. It is mostly Calcium bentonite and calcium montmorillonite (foreign language to me).

      I have a bag of Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato and Fish, and I so wish I could give Ruthie that. Just open a bag and wa la! Dog Food! I really hope we find a food that’s right for her soon.

      Sorry for the long comment about Ruthie, here on this nature journal about the pretty springtime Robins! Thanks so much for your friendship Phylor. Love, Michelle and Ruthie 🙂

      • I’m sorry to hear about you and Ruthie Mae having setbacks. I know how hard you both try to hang in there. Sending (((((hugs))))) and wishes for a good spring.
        And, you can talk about what you like where you want to!

        • Thanks! I’m sure I worry way too much about things. She’s sleeping well now and seems to have liked her dinner. Thanks too for the virtual hugs! My son and I attended a class today together, and hopefully will for 12 weeks, which is a self help program called WRAP. I hope that is a sign of a good spring! Wishing you the same Phylor. With hugs and love, Michelle.

          • I hope you and your son are able to attend the class, and gain from the experience.
            I’m a worrier too, and I think folks with chronic illness are. We almost have to be!

            • Thanks, Phy. He has verbally expressed his excitement about the class and asked again if we are going next week, so that tells me he is very interested. Now, It is my challenge to make myself go because it is the only thing I know to do right now to help my son and our family to survive.

              I was just talking to Ruthie about things, and how to go about the challenges waiting on me, so thank you for the conversation.

              Hugs and Love,

  2. Loved this capture Michelle, I am so happy you have so much new wild life around you, I just love my birds that visit my own garden. Wishing you a beautiful new week… Love and Blessings your way. xxxxxx Sue

    • Thank you, Sue. I was surprised to catch the Robin listening so keenly 🙂

      Sue, my girl Ruthie is having a setback. I need to write and update over at dogkisses, I suppose. Please say a doggie prayer for her. I added the dry form of the prescription food, and this apparently made her sick, unless it was the dirt she ate. She will not stop eating dirt.

      This blog helps keep my mind on something positive, you know. Even though my heart hurts or I worry about my sweet dog, I enjoy the wildlife and sharing the beauty I see, for it is truly a beautiful natural world!

      As always, I’m glad to find a note from you. Your presence is part of my Green Healing journey!

      With Gratitude and Love,
      Michelle (and today, Ruthie too).

      • Dear Michelle, I am so sorry to hear Ruthie is not well again…Of course you are both held in my prayers.. sending you both my thoughts…
        Please let me know how Ruthie is and how you are… love and blessings Sue xox

        • Thank you, my friend 🙂 Hopefully, the organic pumpkin and probiotics will be enough to nurse her back to health.

          She is not only the sweetest dog in the world, but also the most sensitive. Her sensitive personality is part of what makes her such a special dog, but I want her tummy to be stronger, you know.

          (((hugs and love)))

          • I know…. Many have sent you both their love and wellwishes.. and I am certain all will be well… Ruthie is like you, a delicate flower… who needs tender loving care… xxxx Big Hugs.. xxxxx

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