The Resident Robin Leaves Home

Robin spends Winter in North Carolina

My fat little Friend

Dear Robin,

I’m writing to say thank you for being my Winter guest.  I must say, your sudden departure was a surprise, but what a glorious day it was when out of the blue, Robins surrounded my home! 

I didn’t know much about Robins before you spent the Winter here.  I thought you were going to use my yard for mating in Spring, but I realize now, you were here for the berries.  I felt sad when I first realized that you had left.

I so enjoyed your company, especially during a long and rather lonely Winter.  I even reported my sightings of you here!  Your photo is available to the entire world.  You are as good as famous, my fat little friend!

I’m very happy you found respite from Winter in the green covered branches of the tall Pine and a great aerial view of the Holly from the big Sweet Gum tree.  I noticed your friends liked the view from up there as well.

One Robin Waiting

One Robin Waiting

I was outside today looking at those trees, remembering you perched on the branches in the snow.  They have blooms now.  Things changed in such a short time dear Robin.

You were strong to endure those cold days.  I was proud to have you as a guest and honored as well.  Watching you was a true Winter blessing!

Even as I miss seeing you on the porch rail, guarding the red berries with an intensely continuous keen watch, I am glad you have since joined a flock.  They were certainly a beautiful and energetic group! 

I tried to get a photo of several together, but that didn’t happen.  I couldn’t believe how powerful they each flew when I slowly peeked around the corner of the house. 

The sound of Robin’s wings in flight is a sweetness to the ear!

Robin on Holly berry!

Yummy Holly Berries for Robins!

The enthusiasm you and your feathered friends exuded over the little red berry-filled treasure made me wonder how in the world the other Robins heard about that relatively small tree. 

Did you sing them a message through the wind? 

In less than two days of light, they ate every single berry! 

I bet you are leading them to a special place where your babies will be born. 

Robin, I hope to move before next Winter, so I doubt if we will meet again, but I sure wish you and your feathered brothers and sisters a bountiful Spring! 

Thank you for being my guest.  You brought beauty to my life and graced me with a lesson in acceptance. 

Each time I saw you, which was every day for more than two full moons, there was a Green Healing in my Spirit.

With love, gratitude and admiration, 

Your amateur bird-watching friend,


Green Healing Note:

My friend, the Robin, and the flock it left with, invited me to accept the way of Mother Nature.  Much like my personal life, I cannot expect one thing to happen when something different is in the making.

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11 thoughts on “The Resident Robin Leaves Home

  1. Pingback: Backyard Beauty ~ Mourning Doves | Green Healing Notes

  2. PS: I still plan on making some links back to your posts (as I mentioned in an email ages ago). Just haven’t had the energy or time commitment to do so!

    • No problem, and I look forward to reading what you write that you might link to one of my posts.

      I hope Spring brings us both energy in every way. That would sure help in making commitments, you know.

      Sending you a healing prayer from my heart xoxo

  3. The robin found a great sanctuary when he flew into your yard. Your nature photography skills are absolutely fabulous.
    Sorry I haven’t dropped by more often to read about “the red, red, robin, go bob, bob, bobly along” (think that’s sort how the lyrics go the song “Red, Red Robin.”

    • The Holly tree sure gave a lot to the Robin(s) and i’m glad I was here to watch. Thanks for your compliments on my photos Phylor.

      Also, I haven’t thought of the song you refer to in so long! I must listen to it soon 🙂 My mother used to listen to it when I was little (if it’s the same song I’m thinking of).

      Oddly, the other day, while shopping at the ‘health’ food store, I came across an herbal remedy for ‘gladdening the heart’ and I thought of my son. I had been looking at other herbs and such, but that particular bottle drew me to it. Turned out, it is Holly!

      I went on to study a little about the origins and uses of the Holly as medicine. I was surprised that it is all about the soul, going inward, and bringing light to darkness. I thought perhaps my son and I both need that right now, so of course, I bought a bottle.

      Winter has been a time of silence for me and grieving
      for my friend, Tiny. I’m glad to meet Spring, and like the Robin leaving, and the Mourning Doves arriving,
      I feel like I need to let go and invite new into my life.

      I hope you are seeing signs of Spring in your yard and that you are doing okay. I’m still under the weather (probably why I’m so chatty in my reply, as I’ve been alone more often). I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up much. You are in my thoughts and heart.

      Hugs and Love,

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