Gracefully Winged

Gracefully Winged by Rosa Blue
Gracefully Winged, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

I was walking to the raised bed gardens, past the meadow where a very large Joe Pye Weed is growing when I saw a shadow on the ground.  Looking up I saw this most graceful butterfly.  Wow, how absolutely beautiful, I thought.

After having spent over an hour in the Mexican Sunflower garden with the strong flying Swallowtails, along with several Skippers and Sulfers, the latter of ‘whom’ didn’t stop long to pose, this eloquent solo glider was peaceful and still. My mind captured the memory of a Green Healing moment in time.

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6 thoughts on “Gracefully Winged

  1. I wish I could say we had seen as many butterflies but sadly our garden hasnt had half as many this year and last year they were sparse too.
    Love this photo Michelle, I hope all is well with you and your son. Love that I am seeing your photos..
    Oh and yes I have Sun flowers out, around my height, just like the photo on your blog to the left..
    It doesnt seem all that long ago when I said to you I’d planted the seeds.. Time certainly is Flying ever faster..
    love and Hugs.. ~Sue xx

    • Hi Sue! I’m happy to hear that your Sunflowers bloomed. You said they were like the one on the left in my blog. I assume that’s the yellow one at the top, lol. I also have a red one (Drop Dead Red variety) and another big yellow with different type of petals. Not sure the names of each of the yellow ones.

      I bet yours are pretty. Maybe you will upload a photo or two? One of the recent posts (I think on this blog) is a link to a post about the lack of butterflies, particularly in the UK. The hummingbirds aren’t doing well on their way South I hear. What beautiful creatures, and so many more on our planet that are being threatened by development. It sure is troubling, but these days, at least in the US, I am not too hopeful about the future. Maybe this will change, but when I hear talks about the election, I get sick, so I really can’t listen. Sorry, I got off track.

      I have been so distracted Sue, unable to concentrate enough to read or do much writing. Am going to Horticulture Therapy later. I’m looking forward to eating ‘Sugar Baby’ Watermelon, which are growing in the gardens. They are very pretty and we ate them when I was a child. I am looking forward to going, esp., to check on the Black Swallowtail Caterpillars. There are dozens on one plant!

      Thank you for commenting on my posts Sue. You remain ever so generous. I came to your beautiful sanctuary the other day, and read a little of the ‘short’ story, but I couldn’t finish. I thought I’d wait to click like ’til I finished reading. Soon, I hope.

      Big Hugs and Lots of Love,

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