The Red-Breasted Winter Flock

My son was first to see the flock of Robins, alerting me with an excitement I hadn’t heard in a great long time.  That was a blessing in itself.

“Mom! You gotta come see!” he exclaimed.  “Just for a minute,” he added.

I knew I had to go see what he saw.  I made it to the door in time to see the flock of American Robins gracefully landing on the moist and cold grassy lawn.  The slight sound of their wings in flight, I can still recall.  I like that.

I am grateful to be alive in these moments. Life is not easy, at least not for me, so when nature shows her awe, I do take notice.  I catch a trillionth second wind moving me to carry on.

The red-breasted beauties hopped, stopped, and hopped again.  My neighbor said they they hear worms, so they stop briefly to listen for them.  I don’t doubt this, because bird brains are pretty darn smart!   I do however wonder if wintertime lawns have worms to offer.

A fully grown man, my son, stood with me watching the birds, both of us glad to be there, together, without words and absolutely taken by the moment.

(Originally posted on Flickr.  Edited on January 28th, 2014).

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5 thoughts on “The Red-Breasted Winter Flock

    • Thank you, phy.

      I don’t know why I had to approve your comment b/c I thought I had it fixed so they come in without approval. Boy, is my memory shot. I should go into the dashboard and approve the folks I know, for sure.

      Yes, it was a nice gift indeed! Also, my son got a new place to live, so that was a really nice gift. He’s very happy about it, and so am I. We are neighbors! 🙂 His place already had a bird feeder up, with seeds in it! I was surprised, but he said first thing, “I know I’m going to plant a garden.” There is a space where he can do that.

      Also, I’m going to visit your blog and give you my email, okay.

      Love, your friend,

  1. it must have been an amazing site..
    we had one Spring a flock land out front…
    beautiful…they stayed 3 days and I haven’t seen any since…
    Texas this far South isn’t known to have them I guess…
    Thank you for sharing your son’s wonderful surprise!
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Sweet maryrose,

      I’m glad you saw that one flock, because now you know how special it is 🙂 This flock has come several times, but today the ground is covered in snow. It is so pretty, but dare I go out to take photos. Also, I didn’t realize (or I forgot) you are in Texas! What a tremendously great state!

      You matter too! Hugs and Love,

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