Winged Yellow on Orange

Winged Yellow on Orange by Rosa Blue
Winged Yellow on Orange, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

A Green Healing day chasing butterflies offered stunning colors of Winged Garden Friends and Flowers too.  I had a feeling if I went to the Tithonia garden around Noon that I would get to see the butterflies, and boy was I right on!

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7 thoughts on “Winged Yellow on Orange

    • Thank you Sue. I like the yellow butterflies. They are hard (normally) to photograph because they go wild in the garden never stopping for long.

      I still have that image clear in my mind from the photos you sent 🙂 You should frame those for sure!

      Hope your having a good day. Sending big hugs with Love, Michelle.

  1. absolutely amazing photograph!
    to avoid overwhelmedness, I’ve put all the blogs that have the weekly digest feature, on weekly. When I get the notice that yet another week has flown “like a butterfly” by, I try and look at all the posts, and leave comments on a couple.
    Still waiting for your lovely illustrated book (illustrated with your photographs, of course!) If you, or someone you knew did calligraphy, that would be great to intergret (spelling). Would work, too, if you were turning your photos into cards. Calligraphy the name of the butterfly/flower, your “company name” and contact info on the back.
    Now I sound like a marketing manager!

    • Hi Phy!

      Please never worry about being too busy. I feel badly that I haven’t been able to read blogs lately. I have so much troubling my mind right now Phy. I don’t quite know where to turn, so I am very much distracted. About all I can do in the blogosphere lately is show photos, and sometimes I can’t even add a note.

      Our lives and all those things we must do, come first, I guess. I’d always rather be blogging or reading blogs. So, my apologies for not keeping up. I plan on returning but I have to make some decisions first about living arrangements, who to take my son to for care, because so far, the psychiatric community has proven to do more harm than good. I wish I lived up north or out west where alternatives are available.

      Thank you so much for commenting! As to your ‘marketing’ ideas, I appreciate that. It is so kind Phy! I am going to do something with my photos. One was published in ‘Public Insight Network’ and that made me feel very good to see my photo honored!

      I’ve thought of writing you via snail mail, and I have to find the letter with your address on it. I saved it to write you back, and then, my desk got covered in paperwork, mostly bills I don’t know how to pay.

      Thank you for being my friend Phy. You are a really generous person! I’m lucky to know you and I am grateful.

      With love and a very big hug,

      • I think I have your email address — I’ll send you an email with my snail mail should the urge to be a ludite like me, lol, ever surface.
        So sorry that your son is still drifting in a sea of inadequate mental health care! The cracks are just so wide, it’s easy for someone to slip thru! It must be so hard on you to try and cope with your own issues and help him deal with/deal with for him his issues.
        Think of you often — especially when I see a scene that would make a good photograph. Congrats on getting a picture published. I image that nature magazines and websites would be interested in your work.
        Take good care,

        • Hi Phylor!

          Not sure if you’ll see this note, but I just now (way late! ha, almost one year) saw your kind reply.

          I’ve been thinking of you a lot most recently and indeed, was thinking of sending you some snail mail. I hope you’re okay. I am sending you a virtual hug, today, and hope to hear from you again soon.

          With lots of love, your friend, Michelle.

          • I was thinking of you just before I pulled up my page and saw your comment.
            Hope all is well with you; sending good thoughts and warm hugs.

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