Winged ~ Perched and In Flight

Skippers perched drinking nectar and a little hummingbird on the way.

Silver-spotted Skipper and a hummingbird on the way!

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It was the hummingbird I was looking for when I walked over to the flowering gardens and met up with a zealous group of butterflies, which I believe were Silver-spotted Skippers.  What a fun group of butterflies!

The Skippers may not seem as spectacular as the bright Zebra Swallowtail or awe-inspiring like the Monarchs, but these winged friends are very playful.  They fluttered and flitted to and fro, hovering only briefly and often gathering together on a single flower.

According to Geyata Ajilvsgi, in my all time favorite Butterfly reference book, Butterfly Gardening for the South, these winged garden friends are, “pugnacious in character and will attack just about anything in its range, especially other butterflies, no matter which species they happen to be”  (pg 150).

I would never have guessed that what I thought was simply a family  generously sharing in their source of energy, might instead have been a combative rivalry.

Butterfly Images "Silver-spotted Skippers" drinking sweet nectar

I’ve missed a few Horticulture Therapy group gatherings, but I’ve tried to keep  a connection with the gardens by visiting.  The images I come home with help me remember the Green Healing moments in time.

Image of Skipper Butterfly "Green Healing"

Thanks for visiting Green Healing Notes!

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2 thoughts on “Winged ~ Perched and In Flight

  1. Thanks Phy, Indeed you are right about the garden giving. I love it. I hope one day to have my own, although, there is nothing like living close to such a fine place as the NC Botanical Gardens. They have many resources. Good dirt, plenty of sun, many different plants, etc.,

    Thank you for your comment. You are a good friend Phy. I hope you are having a good day today and, I’m going to try 😉

    Big Hugs and Love,

  2. Fantastic photography. I’m glad that you can take green healing home through your photographs. The garden always seems to welcome you and share it’s bounty and it’s secrets with you.

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