A Summer Sunrise and Owl

The magic of mornings! 

The first light of Dawn warmed a tree trunk with a soft orange hue.

tree trunks get the light

A brilliant burst shines on one branch!

watching the morning sun shine on the woods

sunlit branch

No sooner than I could adjust my digital companion, the woods lit up like fire!

first morning light

I always feel lucky to be awake at sunrise, but after a long sleepless night, the beauty I saw in all that color was a blessing from nature; a true Green Healing!  I knew I was going to get some good sleep.

As I headed inside to bed, I looked in the other direction, toward the creek, and perched on a tall dead tree trunk was my friend, the Owl!

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, even though I often see our two resident Barred owls.  Usually, I’ll hear or sense them before I see one, but not on this early summer morning.

The mystical bird hadn’t made a sound and when our eyes literally met, I felt instinctively that it had watched me all along. 

I had an odd feeling that this owl was not one of our residents.  There was an unfamiliar look in its eyes and each time I tried to get a little closer, the bird flew five or six feet away, which is most unlike the owls who live in my corner of woods. 

Perhaps it was one of the resident owls that was merely hungry and not too happy that I was interrupting breakfast.

After my long sleepless night, and then my  having seen the woods slowly come alive in a great orange light, I suspected the owl was a spirit animal.

Whoa!  As I was writing this post,  shortly after midnight, an Owl hooted as loud as I’ve ever heard one from my window!  It was no ordinary hoot either.  It sounded like a happy celebration, and as if the Owl was telling the whole woods about it! 

Barred Owl hissing and hunting

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4 thoughts on “A Summer Sunrise and Owl

    • Muddletation — How lovely that you (and Sue Dreamwalker), saw this post around the same time on an early morning 🙂

      Thanks for stopping to comment, and for your nice compliment too.

      Hoping you’ve had a nice day,

  1. Michelle. I have just awoke and reached for my phone I’m using now for the time as I’m on one of my longsleep shifts. Its just gone 6am. What a great post to wake upto. Your photos are beautiful captures. Especially tHe Owl. He/She is lovely. And I think he is watching over you. Giving you signs. His hoot a signal to take note of. 🙂
    Here thE pigeons are cooing outside this window and the Sun is already uP with a promise of a good day ahead. Loved this. Sending more love and warm rays of Summer healing your way. Love SUexxx

    • Hi Sue! How cool that you saw my post on an early morning 🙂

      Meeting the owl was indeed special!

      I’ve felt an ongoing connection with the Barred owl that I met here during winter (who found a mate in spring).

      And, believe me, I have taken note of the owl who called, while I was finishing this post 🙂 I’ve never heard an owl hoot like that before. It was full of joy! If you can imagine an owl hooting about how happy it is, well, that’s what I heard last night.

      I used to love listening to the Mourning Doves cooing. I have a few that visit here, but not too many. They are beautiful and I love their soothing coo.

      Thank you for your kind words and especially, your healing prayers. I hope your day has gone well.

      Sending my Love,
      Michelle xoxo

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