Of Sprigs and Twigs

Of  Sprigs and Twigs

Weaving Love into Christmas

Heart Strings and Sisterly Love

Making a swag for the holiday

Grandmother and Grandson

Family participates in Horticulture Therapy wreath-making party

Weaving Love into a Wreath

greenery and red berries for the Christmas wreath

Wishing You Peace and Love

In gratitude and special thanks to the volunteers in Horticulture Therapy who donated the awesome twigs and sprigs, prepared delicious food and homemade cider, and brought special people together, including a warm visit from my mother and sister, who joined us in making wreaths and swags. 

My son and I are staying home for Christmas this year, mostly caring for our sweet dog, Tiny, who has stomach cancer.  Our days with Tiny are limited.  I can feel the approaching time.  Some days, like today, I feel it in enormous waves of sadness.  I cry, which helps a little.  Crying is good for you when you feel sad. 

Christmas isn’t always happy.  I pray for the grieving families in Connecticut.  I pray for people who are hurting, hungry or without a door to hang a wreath. 

I’m grateful for the time I have with my son and our dogs, healthy food, and the special time we had with family.  I love the wreath my son and mother made and simply adore the little swag of sprigs and twigs hanging over my kitchen sink window.

The Spirit of Christmas is in my heart, even though there is sadness too.  The Horticulture Therapy group is such a gift to me, and a special part of our lives.  Who would have thought that Santa would show up in a Green Healing Day, but ‘he’ did.

13 thoughts on “Of Sprigs and Twigs

  1. I love this post….drew me back in…
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care….You Matter…

  2. The Spirit of Christmas is in the Giving .. And you captured its essence here Michelle. I love the Wreath and so love the holly berries and ever-greens…. So good when family get together and share in that peaceful time of celebration .. Family are ALL important during this time… And I so enjoyed having mine visit for a short time… Its so good to share our Love..
    Family includes our animal kingdom. our beloved pets.. And My thoughts are with you and Tiny, I know the love you share will be felt.. and forever be a bond across that bridge of time… Just as you feel your Free with you from time to time.. that Bond is never ever broken for its forged in Love..
    Love is the energy which binds us all together… I just wish at times we could all remember that love as its brought forward more at Christmas time..
    Christmas is a time for Giving… I pray one day the World will understand that we all have to but give of ourselves… and be grateful for that which we are given…

    Love and Blessings to you and your Son Michelle…
    May 2013 bring you strength and Health and Happiness…
    Love Sue xoxo

    • My dear Sue,

      Thank you so much for leaving your beautifully loving words here. I’m glad to know you had time with your family, and I’m so grateful to have had the same with mine.

      Christmas is a time when people feel like giving and it would be good if we all had this Spirit more than once a year.

      I also pray that the World will be filled with more giving and gratitude. I know this begins with each of us in our daily lives. How we treat people and all life on Earth really matters.

      Thank you for thinking of Tiny. He’s hanging in there. A few days ago, I thought he was not well at all, but then I bought him Chicken, fed that alone to him, and he has gained weight and wagged his tail now for at least a week! I can’t believe it. He is tired today, and I know what I know, that it’s Cancer, but seeing him smile and finally be satisfied with food is a real break for both of us. I sure love Tiny, but I guess I’ve said that. Speaking of him, he’s barking at me now. Must be near 6:30. Dinner Time he says!

      With all my love,
      Michelle. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh Michelle, I feel so bad for you and your poor little doggie. I will be thinking of you both and your son over the next few days…I helped my mother’s aging golden get into the back of her car yesterday, because he leapt up into the back but his hind quarters didn’t make it, and she is too elderly to catch him and help…But she was so worried because she knew he was spooked that she did what she knew was necessary for their life together (I am not always around): she made him do the leap again, until he made it on his own…and she and he both knew he really could do it. Oh, but it made my heart ache because elderly as she is, it will break her spirit if he goes before she does…as he will have to be her last dog. I cried myself to sleep last night wondering how to help and what to do. You have such a good attitude about crying! I never thought about it that way. Thank you for your wisdom.

    • Hi Pam. Thanks for your comment and the warm feeling you gave me with your compassion. I’m sorry for everyone whose dog gets old or sick. It is a hard part of loving a dog.

      Our dog, Tiny, has a hip issue too. He can’t get up on the sofa anymore, but then, sometimes he does when I’m not home. Reading your comment made me wonder if I ought to let him try it on his own more often.

      Your understanding that the bond of love between your mother and her dog is great gift. My dear friend, Sonny, who was my “adopted Dad” as I called him after my own father passed, had a dog, Jack, who outlived him. (I just realized he and my dad had a dog, named Jack, who outlived them both). Anyway, they each needed to know who would take good care of Jack. My brother took my father’s dog, and Sonny’s daughter took his. Knowing their dogs would be loved and cared for helped them both. I think if I had to leave my dog, well, that would be the most important thing to me too. Just knowing that my companion would be well cared for and very much loved.

      I wish you and your family well during the holiday and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

      Warm Regards,

    • Thanks Laurie.

      I miss you too my friend. I’m tried a lot these days, but am still here, and you are still in my thoughts and heart.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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