Butterfly, my friend

Butterfly, my friend

Another Green Healing Day!

4 thoughts on “Butterfly, my friend

  1. Who could fail not to be healed by the beauty of this photo and the Butterfly.. Wonderful Michelle.. Wishing you an enjoyable weekend and my thoughts as you know are with you both.. Hugs to you, and may your journey always soar and be as gentle as the butterfly.. Love to you Michelle.. ~Sue xx

    • It is a beautiful creature isn’t it! Wow. I loved being with it, and now getting to see the photo and remember our time in the garden together. Green Healing Happening!

      Hoping you also have a good weekend,
      and hope your strawberry patch is coming along well too,
      Hugs and Love, Michelle.

    • Thanks Ash! I met this friend first thing this morning when I arrived at Horticulture Therapy. I guess that Milkweed was some really good stuff, b/c this beautiful butterfly stayed on it for a while. And, it was sunny. I guess my friend was in pure heaven!

      Hugs on Butterfly Wings…….

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