Grandma went Camping!

“Where are we?” my mother asked.

We were in the heart of North Carolina mountains.  We were also lost. 

“I’m not sure,” I answered, “but I think we’re in Heaven!”  I was trying to keep things light.

“Lord!” she remarked, and rolled her eyes at me the way she does when she doesn’t take me seriously.  I don’t especially like it when she does that.

We were going to a farm and when we arrived at this one, (pictured below) I thought we had found our destination. 

(Click on images for a more intimate view)

Barn in Mountains

Adventure in the Journey

I was at the wrong farm, but I really didn’t mind.  I was in awe at the beauty of the surrounding mountains, which live in my heart, and the rolling green pastures.  A cute farmer on his tractor waved at me, which caused butterflies in my tummy.

Farmer on tractor in field

The Farmer Farming

Mother made a remark about how she wished I’d meet a farmer.  Then, after thinking a few minutes, she said, “I don’t think you would make a good farmer’s wife though.”

I reminded her that it’s 2012 and that being a wife has different meanings and expectations than it did forty and fifty years ago.

“It’s not like I’d have to get up at 4am and milk cows Mother,” I responded, but then, I would if I wanted to and was able.

“Look!” I exclaimed.  “Oh my God!  Look how beautiful it is here!” 

My mother wasn’t getting excited and that’s when I realized we were only a few feet away from some of the most handsome Cattle I’ve ever seen.

“Look at those cows!”  I couldn’t believe we were so close to them.

“Michelle,” Mother said, “Just turn around.  You’re going to get us in trouble.  And those are just cows.  I get enough of seeing cows.”   Image of my mother’s backyard, where the cows usually graze.

There was a woman riding a big John Deere lawn mower.  She saw us, but continued mowing.  Obviously she wasn’t concerned about us.

The Cattle were shimmering under the mountain sunlight.  Their eyes seemed to peer into mine.  I was intensely moved.  I had to get my camera, which made my mother roll her eyes again. 

Handsome Cattle

Is that a Mohawk?

My mother loves flowers and the pretty things about a garden, but isn’t especially interested in sleeping outside. 

She told me a story about the one time in her life she had attempted to camp.  The trip hadn’t been successful, and she and my dad had to take the children home in the middle of the night.  Both my sisters got an earache.  I was, “too little to remember,”  Mother said.

Perhaps, somewhere in my mind, I do remember.  Maybe that’s why I like sleeping in tents and my sisters like cozy big comfortable beds, indoors. 

Mother went with me to offer emotional support and keep me company while I drove.  She was a real trooper and I’m truly grateful for her help.  The journey wasn’t easy.  I was under the weather and have conflicting feelings about whether or not my son is in the best place.

Maybe if we had gone on a, “real vacation,” as my mother later pondered that we might get to do one day, then having been lost may not have evoked in me such enthusiasm.  I get pretty excited when something moves me in a certain way these days.  It’s like I’m craving sensations that make me feel alive, and for now, nature is doing it. 

I’ve learned with time that there are often hidden gems in difficult journeys.  I’ve learned that the simplest of things can bring a ‘Green Healing’ moment into my heart or awareness.

Listen to a cow’s moo! (via Wikipedia)

Handsome Cattle

The farm we went to didn’t capture my enthusiasm in the same way as the small Cattle farm had done, but it was just as pretty. 

Barn, Field, Mountain range

Finally, We made it!

And of course, they had their own cows, which they proudly spoke of after I showed them my photos of the farm where we had been lost.

Green Mountain and Cows

More Cows!

The cow pasture was the view from the fire-pit where we sat for most of the following 24 hours.  I never thought I’d see the day that my mother would sit with me, outside in the mountains, without the most modern amenities, at a fire-pit.  Alas.  I have.

Green, Mountains, US Flag

The best part of the trip was seeing my son.   He recently went to work on a small farm in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  The group of men he’s working with had gone to the mountains for a week-end camping trip.  I wanted to see my son to ask how he’s liking the place, and if he’s getting along well. 

I enjoyed the time with my mother too.  We did pretty good considering the circumstances, which consisted of my fatigue and neither of us having much extra money.  We had enough though.  This wasn’t a luxury trip.  It was something I really needed to do, and like I said, my mother went along to keep me company. 

Mothers keep on giving and loving.

My son and I talked about how we missed the mountains.  We lived there for several years.  We also talked about the air.  I have bronchitis, but didn’t cough once up in those hills.  I had to go to the doctor after one night back home.  He said it was the first night since he left that he was able to get some sleep.  I hope this changes for him soon.

We are both in a state of limbo as I write.  Sometimes, I guess, that’s life.  One thing I’m clear on.  I love my mother and son!

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8 thoughts on “Grandma went Camping!

    • Thanks Deb. Was good to spend time with her, and my son too. This farm was in the mountains, so it’s not where my son is staying. He’s on a small farm in the flatter part of our state. I’m visiting tomorrow.

      I enjoyed my short visit to your blog. I hope I make it back there again soon! I hope you are doing okay as I write (hopefully sleeping).

      Big Hugs,

  1. YAAAYYYY for road trips, cute farmers, beautiful cows, and gorgeous views! What a great tale of Green Healing Adventures! I’m so glad you had the chance to go, and were so touched by the little gifts Nature presents us if we only look & really see!
    I am at my mom’s as she is moving to Houston tomorrow, and we just took a walk around the neighborhood. We moved here when I was 17, and here I’m almost 49! I have deep roots here to the land, even tho it’s a townhouse development – beautiful brick walls outline the yards, and many very old trees were left standing when they built it, and are now even bigger & more majestic! I will miss them, but found a ripe Mulberry tree & we gorged on them while also getting purple bare feet – yummy! Then there was a very unique looking bright yellow-orange mushroom of some kind, so vibrantly colored, and of course many lovely flowers & plants. Green Healing!
    Heart to heart hugs,


    • Hi Ash, Well, I took a first dose of Doxy. My tummy is not in good shape, but I guess I got scared after so many ticks, mostly deer, but then the other one with that white spot.

      I’m having a time lately, up at 2am, but I’ll see my son tomorrow, so that’s good, and I sure hope these pills don’t wreak havoc on my system. Thanks for your advice!

      I’m glad you have a chance to say good-bye to the physical land you grew up on. I hope your mom moving to TX is a good thing for her, and you guys too. Why is she going? I sure wish her all the best.

      Hey, did you hear the cow moo? Ha!
      [audio src="" /]

      Big Hugs 2 U, Rhiannon and Codi too!

    • I know how cows sound and bulls, too…when they’re mad and you’d best high-foot it to the fence before they start running your direction. ha!

      I LOVE your new blog, Michelle. Your story captivated me with the beautiful pictures you posted. I feel so good now. As if I’ve eaten a luscious and satisfying meal.

      I hope your son is doing well…you are such a loving mother. It was also nice to read about a mother-daughter outing that didn’t end in chaos and misery. I will read your story again now. Thank you for writing and sharing it.


      • Hi CZ! So nice to see your comment. You know, I’m not too sure, but that big one kind of looks like he might have been tired of me taking those photos. My mom was pretty scared. I guess I better learn the difference between a quiet cow and a mad bull.

        Thank you for your very kind compliment CZ. I’m sure you know how precious it is to know that somebody likes or is helped by what we write.

        I saw my son today, and he said he’s homesick, but he’s a very strong young man, and I’m praying for him, that he will find inner strength, and see his own light. I need this so much. I need for him to see that he is good enough, is smart, and can live a good life. That is my dream of all dreams.

        And our trip went well. There were a few bumps at the end, but overall a good trip for us. She will surely never have a story like that with her other children, and I think she gets a real kick out of telling of her adventures camping, at 77 years old!

        Thanks so much for your support, and friendship. I have not forgotten your awesome blog and very cool online cinema! (I really do love the movies you show). If you get this reply, please feel free to leave a link if you like 🙂 I hope you are doing well.


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