Colorful Lines in Nature

Sunlight Shines ~ Bird Dines

Sunlight shines Bird dines

2 thoughts on “Colorful Lines in Nature

  1. Great photo of the white breasted nuthatch.
    Our back yard is beginning to fill with our winter residents and stop-overs on their way south.
    Two nice, and not common day sights in our yard, were a fox sparrow who hung around for a while (see occasionally in the spring migration) and a female towhee which is very rare in our yard.
    Feeder Watch starts next weekend. Although we write down what birds visit everyday through out the year, we only record numbers during the Feeder Watch period.

    • Hi Phy! I’m glad you identified the bird. I get so tired I just can’t do that with each bird lately, and this is one of the prettiest birds I’ve seen! I love the patterns and in this photo (which I can’t find the original and am not sure how much editing I did with the colors), the blue on the bird’s neck looks to me like pretty long hair.

      Feeder watch sounds fun. I haven’t seen too many birds (like during Spring and Summer), until recently, since the first day of fall. I cleaned the feeders the other day and put out peanut suet, which seemed to bring more visitors! The Cardinals and doves are always here, and the white breasted nuthatch is also a regular. The nuthatch likes the peanut suet.

      Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I mean it! You are awesome Phy! Your comments always make me feel good.

      Warm Wishes with Love,
      Michelle (dogkisses)

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