Butterfly Beautiful

Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail by Rosa Blue
Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Via Flickr:The heavy and nearly constant rain in North Carolina means few visits from the butterflies. Where DO butterflies go in the rain anyway? Today, this most perfect Tiger Swallowtail came to my yellow Lantana. I also have pretty Heather in Bloom, so maybe my beautiful winged friends will return soon!


13 thoughts on “Butterfly Beautiful

  1. Phylor, Yes, I’ve seen what you are describing on my Netbook, but as I’m viewing this on my desktop, the words in your comment look fine. I don’t know how to fix the problem. The theme is responsive, so I thought things would get smaller, you know?

    I’ve changed the number a couple of times in the WordPress dashboard in the comment section where it gives choices about nested and threaded comments, but honestly I don’t understand it.

    Arghh… Technical challenge for me. I’ll try to change the option again, and if you know anything about how to do that then please do share!

    Thanks for telling me. Hope I learn how to fix the issue.

    Love and Hugs, Michelle.

      • Tomorrow has come and gone — I’ve been having trouble cognitive lately including memory issues.
        Now, I forget what I said! I’ll go back to your post, and see if that does it!

        • Hello my friend. I’m sorry you’re having memory issues. I can truly say I understand how frustrating it is. I’ve had cognitive problems for the past year or more. We need some memory super food! Don’t worry about forgetting anything regarding coming back, and you did come back! 🙂 A hello from you is a nice treat! 🙂 Hugs, and Love, Michelle.

  2. We had one of the many small white butterflies spend part of the morning investigating and “drinking” from our butterfly bush. The milk weed seems to be doing good — let’s hope the monarchs can make it back; they are loosing so much of their winter retreat, stops on their migration, and reproductive places at their destinations.
    I raised a monarch butterfly when I was little — put the pupea and milkweed in a large jar with holes punched in the metal top for air.
    The miraculous transform into a monarch made me feel a part of the natural world around me. (Raised pollywogs into frogs, too)

    • Hi Phy! I wish I had enough sunshine to grow a butterfly bush or Milkweed. They are both dependable plants and always bring butterflies! I’ve been worried about the Monarchs, but haven’t read about them. I bet they are growing Milkweed at the botanical gardens and now I want to go this week to find out. I will let you know if I discover any efforts on their part to help them.

      I understand you are having the same weather we are these days. Hot, humid and sooo much rain! Chapel Hill, a nearby town, flooded so badly that businesses had to close, they opened up shelters as people lost their homes, and the dogs have been welcome too. The shelter has put up a notice that they can’t take any more dogs though, so I’ve been thinking about fostering a dog. I think they pay for food and some vet care. I’m not sure if this is the best time for me to help, but if I do, I am sure I will tell everyone 🙂

      I was outside yesterday, trying to figure where to put my new pot of blooming Heather. I saw butterflies flying above the rooftop, so I literally walked around trying to get those beauties to notice me. Ha! What a sight I was chasing butterflies with nectar in hand and begging them to stop in my yard. I laughed at myself pretty hard.

      I can imagine how raising a Monarch would be an everlasting memory! I’ve never done that, but I’m sure I would enjoy it. I have planted larval food plants, including Milkweed, and have seen the eggs, but never have I witnessed, except on video, the transformation into a butterfly!

      I don’t know that much about frogs, even though I did fall in love with one last year. We have tree frogs now, since the land around here is much like a swamp. There are even dragonflies in my yard! And mushrooms everywhere! I’m going to look for images of “pollywogs’ now that my curiosity is peaked 🙂

      Thanks so much for your note. I miss you and your sweet comments, and you always seem to have an interesting tale to share! Thank you Phylor!

      I hope you are doing okay these days. I’ve been meaning to send you a card, but procrastination has been a big part of my experience lately. I have a new little wooden shelf on my desk with a few favorite items, one of which is the little bag of colored rocks and Fairy dust! I always think of you when I see it 🙂

      With butterfly wishes of colorful days to come,
      Love and Hugs,

      • I can picture your quest for the butterfly with nectar in hand! As for me, up and down — bipolar a real problem even with a depression coach who calls every two weeks, and the cognitive behavior therapist. Still can find someone in the mental health profession who can prescribe (if necessary) different meds. My new pcp is hesitant to work on the bipolar aspects of my life. I don’t blame him, I come with a long history of health issues. Once, we lived in a place where frogs were born in puddles. It was wonderful to walk by and see the frog jump for the first time! Of course, had to be careful where you stepped on the woodland path.
        Been thinking of you and I wish you monarch mornings!

        • Hi Phy!

          Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you have had a good day today. I know it is one day at a time for me, and I imagine you too? Life is challenging me to no end lately and I’m a little down today.

          I did see some beautiful birds yesterday. One was sooo blue! Then today I saw the most butterflies that I’ve seen here all year. No sunshine yet, but at least it hasn’t poured rain all day. The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

          I lost my NP this week. I had been seeing her for five and a half years and I got one day’s notice that she was leaving. Nobody to replace her with either. I’m upset, a bit anyway, that she didn’t give me notice, but such is life isn’t it? Hopefully, my MD can prescribe the one med she gave me, but that isn’t an antidepressant. I have never taken one that I can tolerate. I wish I could, but I must find another way to treat depression. It is hard lately.

          Today is quiet and almost over. I have a few nice photos I took while walking Ruthie that each time I thought of you saying you wanted to walk with us 🙂 Maybe I will feel like posting them soon.

          I’m thinking of you, and wishing you moments of peace and joy too.
          Your friend with Love,

          • My primary care physician did something similar; I was quite upset, especially since before she closed down, she and her office staff had made several major mistakes with my medications, and I had no recourse at that time. Hubby’s doctor helped get the mess sorted out, and I have been going to him — but there is still a lot to iron out in the relationship.
            Antidepressants only keep me from failing deeper, if they work at all, and I become tolerate to them quickly. Due to my allergies and sensitivities, much of the naturopathic stuff contains something that doesn’t agree with me. I imagine you’ve looked into naturopathic/homeopathic preparations for depression. It would be good if you found a natural way to help with depression.
            For me, the trouble with depression is that the things I could do to help me deal with the depression, I don’t feel like doing because I’m depressed. I have found writing (in blog or other format) helpful — even if no one ever reads it but myself. I hope you can find a balance so that you feel less depressed.
            The catbirds nesting in the Japanese maple beside our house, seem to be feeding a chick or two. Other types birds have nested there, but usually with no luck, or tragic endings. We hope the catbirds (and the robins in the arbor) are successful.
            I’ll take a virtual walk with you and Ruthie tomorrow.

  3. I ask myself the same question Michelle… Although I did see a moth the otherday fly under the rim of one of my large planting tubs on the patio.. They must find shelter some where.. Sorry to hear your weather not so good.. Ours has picked up and was red hot yesterday.. And so I chilled after spending a couple of hours in the allotments watering.. ( new pics are posted ) You will see how tall the Sunflowers are growing, although not yet in bloom..

    How are you?.. I have been thinking about you.. and sending you some thoughts..
    Have a wonderful week… and take care… ~Sue xx

    • Hi Sue! I must admit that the butterfly visit was one of the best times I’ve had lately in nature, and at home, so I guess, my life has been pretty stressful. I’ve also seen a few moths.

      Some people are starting to talk about how the rains are effecting them, so I think since we are not used to this kind of constant weather, some of us may be getting down and out. We need sunshine!

      I will come take a look at your new photos. I haven’t been online as much as usual, but not really by choice. I’ll spare you the details, and hope to be back to blogging soon. I miss reading and keeping up.

      Ruthie has a new little boyfriend she visits, so we went yesterday and had some fun. I will post a photo of him soon. He’s just a tiny guy, but boy does she love him. Doglove is awesome!

      Thanks so much for asking about me. I’ve been thinking of you too 🙂 I miss you and hope you are well and had a nice little rest.

      Here is a virtual hug (((4u))) with Love xoxo
      Your friend,

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