Interacting with Nature

shadow of people hugging trees

A Family Portrait


6 thoughts on “Interacting with Nature

  1. I’ve taken my own shadow, next to the shadow of a tree, but never with someone else. The photo is great and I hope your back feels better soon!

    • phylor, hello my friend 🙂

      It’s fun taking pictures with the shadows of trees isn’t it? I never would have imagined the difference between that, and say, a photo of people standing by a tree, but to me, it was a very different experience; both the process of taking it and then later, looking at the pictures on my computer.

      The past two years have been different than any other time in my life, in regard to my experience in nature. Sometimes, I feel so connected it is almost scary! Weird, isn’t it? Like, I can see just how much us humans are simply one small part of a big thing.

      I’m also in awe of birds now. I see how they work together and the Mothers and Fathers amaze me in how well they take care of their young. It is a beautiful experience.

      Stay cool (it is pretty hot here now, so I bet it is your way too), and as always, you are in my thoughts.

      Hugs and Love,

    • Thank You Sue. We are doing okay, I guess. I hurt my back cleaning house, but I think it’s a bit better today. I need to come over and spend some healing time in your Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. I hope you are doing well.

      Lots of Love, Michelle (and family xoxo).

    • Nice! I will look for it or send me a link. We had fun taking the photos and when I look at them, I really do feel a connection with the trees and nature. Thanks for your note, and comment 🙂


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