Birdwatching with Ruthie Mae

I watch birds and Ruthie Mae watches squirrels. 

Summer Tanager for Green Healing Notes, a blog


I like the morning time, before the world and my obligations begin.  I like the quiet, so that I may hear Mother Nature’s winged symphony!

My very sweet and smart dog, Ruthie Mae, was my suet-guard this morning.  (Suet is for the birds).  The squirrels act like I put it out there for them, until Ruthie shows up and amazingly, I can watch my backyard birds for hours without one squirrel coming close.

Ruthie is largely a Black Mouth Cur, with the Spirit of a great hunter, but she’s also an Egyptian Beetlehound Princess, the latter title of which she earned shortly after she rescued me. 

Ruthie has two black beauty marks on each side of her little face and natural eyeliner that makes her look like Cleopatra.  She hunts insects like she was born for that purpose, but Ruthie is also a truly amazing medical companion animal.  I am proud and grateful to be friends with such an awesome being as Ruthie Mae!

Lately, the Summer Tanager is a regular visitor.  The male is red and the female a beautiful golden color.

Golden Bird, Female Summer Tanager


I like the way Summer Tanager fly.  They swoop in great long colorful strides across the yard.   They’re also challenging to capture in photos.  I’m always reminded when the Tanager stops by, that some things are meant to be experienced in the moment.

Ruthie Mae knows I like the birds.  She barked at one once, but she immediately looked at me to see if I approved.  I only had to say no one time.  She’s a smart dog.



7 thoughts on “Birdwatching with Ruthie Mae

    • Hi Jean! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      I didn’t know a Summer Tanager ’til this year and I must say, each time they visit, I am altogether delighted. Their bright colors are unbelievable to my eyes. If I put the berry-suet out, they come within five minutes! They don’t like Sunflower seeds nearly as much as they do the suet.

      Also, I do so enjoy this blog and hope to write more this year than I have been doing lately.

      I’ll tell my beautiful Ruthie she got a very nice compliment too 🙂

      Have a lovely day Jean Pell, and hope to see you around the blogosphere again.


  1. Ruthie is adorable Michelle and looks so inteligent bless her. She is beautiful. You have some wonderful colourful birds on your feeder. I’m envious Lol.
    Good to see you enjoying time together.
    Have a peaceful weekend Michelle. Much Love Sue xxx

    • Thank you Sue! I think she’s adorable too. She is such a sweet dog with a gentle spirit. We had a friend visit (a blogger, whom I finally got to meet, which was quite special), and Ruthie was such a well-mannered girl 🙂

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well. Much love to you too! xoxo (((Hugs)))

  2. Hi Phylor! Yes, I have the best companion I could ask for in Ruthie. She’s so sweet. I think she is finally feeling like herself again since Tiny passed. It is so nice seeing her smile and wag her tail.

    I know you must enjoy seeing the bird’s nests, and especially when the little ones actually hatch and make it. I sure loved watching the Carolina Wren take care of her babies and the Cardinals are what you call teenagers, I think, by now.

    I see the Downy Woodpecker feeding her young one too. They look like they are kissing. I imagine most of the birds I see are common to your state also.

    I’m calling it a night, but again, I sure enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thank you so much for stopping to read. I posted a photo of a Robin and though of you. It was the post before this one. I just loved it so because it is looking up and you can see the eyes clearly.

    I hope you are feeling okay today. Hugs and Love,
    Michelle, and Ruthie too.

  3. It’s nice you have a companion to watch the birds with! The pug from the “big house” (our little rental house is in their backyard) used to bark at squirrels, too. Also bark and run after airplanes flying over head!
    We had a feeder at our last house with a squirrel “baffle” which did keep them out of that feeder. Every year, there would be one nutty squirrel determined to get past the baffle.
    The squirrels like our yard so much (there’s 2 to 4 of them), they bring food they’ve scavenged else to eat in one of the trees!
    We often have a resident chipmunk and it’s so funny to watch as the cheeks get filled with seed to take down into the hole.
    Catbirds nested in our front tree, and we think the baby is about to fledge. The position of the nest and the closeness of the tree to the house makes it hard to see what’s going on.
    Last year, cardinals nested in the same tree — but didn’t do a very good job of it and no birds hatched.
    And robins successfully nested in the rose arbor.
    In general the number of birds is less this year (over winter and now) and some migrants that stop by didn’t.
    If you can put a bird bath in your yard (doesn’t have to be anything fancy), it’s great fun to watch the birds taking “baths!”
    Thanks for sharing your and Ruthie’s adventures. Lovely bird pictures — as always.

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