Cardinals in Spring

Cardinals in Spring by Rosa Blue
Cardinals in Spring, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Beauty in the Backyard!


6 thoughts on “Cardinals in Spring

  1. Thanks for reminding me of cardinals in the spring — the image I always retain is the male’s incredible redness against the backdrop of snow.
    Last year, a pair of cardinals unsuccessfully nested in the Japanese maple in front of the house and right by the window.
    The catbirds nesting this year in the same try put their nest in a very hard to see place (of course) and both have regularly brought food to the nest. Waiting, we hope to see the fledgings!

    • Oh, I hope you get to see them too! I’ve watched the fledglings turn into ‘teenagers’ and they are so lovely.

      Also, I just shared a photo with you in mind! We must be communicating through our winged friends!

      Hugs and Love Phylor!

  2. beautiful Michelle… you manage to capture the most amazing photos… I trust all is well with you.. I have been so so busy this last week, it felt as if I was meeting myself coming backwards LOL..
    Such is life.. All or nothing as they say…. .. This week was so demanding work wise.. and trying to help Hubby with the watering too in the allotments, left me time for nothing much else…
    I hope you and your Son are doing well..
    Glad you enjoyed my Granddaughters photo.. She called this morning with her Daddy, and we walked to the allotments again .. She watered her sunflowers…

    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend also.. Love Sue xox

    • Hi Sue! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I hope you are getting plenty of rest and am glad to hear you’ve been watering Sunflowers! Especially, with your granddaughter 🙂

      I am doing okay. I’ve also been busy, and doing a little container gardening. My back hurts a lot when I bend over though. It’s disturbing, but today I am enjoying my plants.

      Ruthie and I are outside on the deck together. She’s watching Squirrels. They don’t even try to bother the bird feeder when she’s outside and as a result, well, many birds have come to visit. I watched a male and a female Cardinal take a bath in a small ceramic pie pan I filled with water.

      My son is doing pretty good. Times have been challenging. I still want to move, but haven’t found a good place yet. I also dream of returning to the mountains.

      I’m glad you like this photo too. The light was low, but the feeling I had watching the Mother feed her fledgling was just awesome and I’m glad to know you can see what I did 🙂

      Hope your Sunday has gone well Sue, and that you had a little free time for yourself.

      Your friend, Michelle.
      xoxo (((hugs)))

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