Butterfly ~ An Invitation

The Tiger Swallowtail arrived before the plants did.  A single large butterfly with tails intact and colorful vibrancy innocent of the inevitable markings to come.

First Swallowtail in 2013 backyard photos, by Rosa Blue for Green Healing Notes, the Blog!

Winged on Verbena

The winds were picking up. The purple Verbena had grown several inches. The blooms moved up and down with each gust of wind.

The big butterfly glided only slightly above our heads.  I imagined it needed nectar and sunlight, the latter of which had faded.

I was glad to have the flowering Verbena.

My son and I had both seen the single butterfly flying around for a few days.  I decided to go get a fast growing nectar-plant.  Arriving home from my short trip to the nursery, a fresh brood of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails greeted me.  Butterflies were everywhere.  I couldn’t believe it!

Two were flying high, playing together, and at least a dozen more were coming down for a visit.  I was delighted to see the butterflies together, flying above and around my little home.

I’m dealing with a fair amount of sadness these days.  Springtime has helped, but my lack of motivation to do the things I normally enjoy lurks in the corners of my days and nights. 

The idea that the butterflies have a genetic memory and know they can find nectar in my little garden lifted my spirit.

I remembered the day, not too long ago, when a flock of Robins came to fetch the lone resident that captured my heart while spending the Winter eating berries from a Holly tree by my window.

It was a grand and exciting scene when those of ‘the same feather’ greeted the Winter Robin.  I don’t know where they were headed when they left, but they sure appeared to have a plan.

I’ve regressed.  Back to the butterfly.

We sat on the patio near the container garden and watched, quietly and still.  The yellow-striped butterfly held tightly, for the blooms really were blowing hard.  I imagine being a butterfly in strong winds isn’t all that easy, now that I think about it. 

I haven’t seen the new brood together again, but I feel sure the butterfly in the wind will tell of the little corner of nectar it found.

Swallowtail in the Wind

Butterfly, you have an official blooming invitation to my yard and the little green garden I planted just for you.

Thanks for visiting Green Healing Notes!

4 thoughts on “Butterfly ~ An Invitation

  1. You certainly picked the right greeting flower to invite them in Michelle.. Gorgeous , you have the most wonderful Butterflies your way… We have had a wonderful few days of Sunny Summer weather, but today cloudy and chilly again…. I can not believe it is already the 8th of June, and on June 21st the longest day we then start heading back to shorter days… Life is going Very Fast these days..
    Sending you a Big Hug and I hope many more of those wonderful Butterflies come to visit your nectar laden flowers.. 🙂
    Love to you my friend ~Sue xox

    • Thank you Sue. Verbena is a great plant! And yes, we do have so many beautiful butterflies. I’m not familiar with ones from the UK. I’ve been wondering lately if I’ve put too much energy in watching birds, but I think I was just impatient, because yesterday, several species of butterflies came to visit.

      I feel the same way about time moving quickly. The other day seemed like about an hour to me. Was very strange. Months flying by! This Summer, my son and I are planning a short vacation and it is partly because of how fast time is going by! I think we better do it while we have time 😉

      Wishing you good happy days Sue.
      Michelle xoxo

  2. Oh, how lovely and inspiring! I took butterflies for granted, growing up in the country back in the day when honeybees and butterflies were as plentiful and farmers’ children. To put plants in your garden specifically for butterflies is such a great idea…especially when you’re able to sit outside and enjoy their presence!

    We used to live in California and boy do I miss that climate. We had snow just last week if you can believe it and it’s still too cold for a dainty daisy like myself to work outside. I need some gardening mittens if I’m gonna stay here. ha!


    • Hi CZ!

      It’s always nice to hear from you! Thanks for stopping to comment.

      Yes, I also took the plentiful butterflies for granted. Planting flowers to attract butterflies is pretty easy. Many Native plants either offer nectar or a place to lay eggs. The Butterfly Bush (Buddlea) is a good choice in my part of the world. I’m not sure about where you live. I also love most all Verbenas. I’ve read where the Butterflies like purple, pink and I think yellow the most.

      If you Google plants in your zone to attract butterflies, I am sure you would discover which ones are best. I also know it is better to have several of the same plant, rather than one or two (or more) different ones.

      Get yourself some gloves now (Ha is right 🙂 I never thought of you as a “Dainty Daisy,” and bet you are more like a Tithonia that keeps blooming, even when the wind knocks it down. Blooms start rising from the dirt or wherever the stems land)!

      Thanks again for your comment. I hope to start commenting more again soon. I’m struggling to write at all these days. I have read several of your essays lately. The old ones are just as good as the newer posts! You are such a talented writer.

      Yesterday was windy and cold here, after a Tornado watch/warning and this morning was also cold. I don’t like the heat of Summer, but I am ready for a good, long dose of Spring.

      I hope you see some butterflies soon and warmer weather too.


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