Sunlit by Rosa Blue
Sunlit, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

After visiting our dog’s resting place, which we only did for a few minutes because we want to think most about his life and all the joy he brought to us, we were taken by the warm sunlight shining on this old building as we rounded the curve on our way home.

Thank you again, Tiny.  You continue to show us the good parts of life!


4 thoughts on “Sunlit

    • Thank you Sue. Sending you well thoughts too, and hoping your new plantings have gone well. I hope to come visiting your blog soon and catch up, as much as i can anyway.

      It’s a cloudy rainy day here. I’m inside often and look forward to springtime. Hopefully, I’ll be planting too. My son has planted many seeds in the horticulture group, but I’ve stayed back with my dog.

      Sending my Love,
      Michelle xoxo

    • Thank you Phy. I’m glad too.

      Also, I really loved seeing the old building (although, I’m not sure what it was used for). The light was so warm and beautiful!

      Thanks for visiting my Green Healing Notes!!!
      xoxoxo Big Hugs and Love to you,

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