A Healthy Love

A Healthy Love by Rosa Blue
A Healthy Love, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Growing Together


4 thoughts on “A Healthy Love

    • Thank you Phylor for adding your thoughts. I love the different perspectives I’ve received on this photo. The image brings up different thoughts each time I see it, and like you, people see a closeness. It’s so cool that we can communicate on this level. I imagine this may be horticulture therapy in action, but I’ll have to ask the therapist about that. I guess, when we share what we see in this photo of the two plants, together, is virtual horticulture therapy and, a Green Healing!

      (I came back to my first reply and edited). I wanted to put my heart in my response. Your insight begged me to feel, or consider more the connection that is made in our words.

      Peace and Blessings,
      and big virtual hugs, Michelle.

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