Little Golden Butterfly

In Nature, I am never alone.


5 thoughts on “Little Golden Butterfly

    • Hi Sue! Nice to see and ‘hear’ your voice. I also think this is one beautiful butterfly! I’m glad you thought so too.

      Sue, I am not fully recovered, but am healing, slowly I think, but am moving around more today. I think that’s a good sign! I bought a pumpkin too 🙂 It is pretty beside yellow Mums on my porch.

      Hugs to you too my friend. I look forward to reading your post, “The Spirit of Autumn.” I only read a little as I must go get my son’s registration to vote in the mail. He waited ’til the very last day.

      Love and Peace,

    • Hi Deb, I didn’t recognize it was you with the generated Gravatar. How nice that you stopped by my blog! I hope you are doing okay. I will visit your blog soon, I hope. I miss reading your posts. Big Hugs to you!

      • Hi! I have been really behind in reading other blogs. I’m trying to catch up a little this weekend….hopefully! LOL!

        About the gravatar, one of the newer changes with is that my gravatar won’t show up here unless I link my post to a hosted blog. Which mine isn’t anymore, since I moved it to self-hosting on my own domain, using software. I don’t think that was cool of WordPress. But….oh well, it is what it is.

        Hugs to you too!!!

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