Baby Turtle and Frog

Several days of hard rains caused me to wonder about “Baby Turtle” (BT), along with the more senior resident at one of the water gardens, “Frog”.  I’ve observed these two critters many times, but only on warm and almost always, sunny days.

The heavy downpours had slowed to a light mist.  My son and I headed out to visit the gardens.  Sure enough, I saw Baby Turtle right away.  Frog, however, was MIA. 

(Below: Click to see the larger image for the best view of Frog and BT’s habitat).

New Baby Turtle in the Lily Pond (image for Green Healing Notes, the blog)

Baby Turtle’s Home

Shortly after the staff at the Botanical Gardens discovered Baby Turtle, they placed a nice flat rock in the middle of the pond.  Baby Turtle likes the rock, but more often than not, it sits near Frog ‘who’ spends most of the time, at least on sunny days, sitting in the mud or shallow water beside the Bald Cypress.  I imagine the tree is why they like that particular water garden better than the others.

Frog's Face

I don’t know much about turtles or frogs and haven’t spent much time around them until this summer.  Alas.  I’m in-love, again!

New Water Garden Resident Baby Turtle aka BT

BT has a very cute head!

Frog doesn’t mind being in pictures, but BT is much more concerned by my presence than is Frog.  He likes for me to stay at least five feet away, but sometimes my wish for a closer look gets the better of me.  If I’m not careful, BT will take off, chase Frog along the way and they both end up leaving the scene.

Frog and Baby Turtle in Water Garden

I hear Baby Turtle will grow into a very large critter.  I wonder if ‘he’ will always live in those water gardens.  I hope he does, and Frog too.

 Baby Turtle swimming to the rock in the water garden

Above image:  The Real Deal

Another surprise during our visit to the water garden was a creative and fun colored set of sculptures depicting water-wildlife.  My favorite just happened to be the turtle. 

Below images:  Artsy Turtle

Turtle Sculpture

Sea Creatures

Art by the Pond Gardens

We enjoyed our short visit to the gardens. 

Thank you for visiting Green Healing Notes! 

7 thoughts on “Baby Turtle and Frog

  1. I hope your pain levels go down soon!
    I agree — if folks let themselves be exposed to nature, they would be more inclined to try and preserve it.

    • Hi Phy,
      Thank you! I hope so too. My fingers, hands, wrists and ankles hurt, so I hope that antibiotic didn’t do anythbing to my tendons. It is a rather nasty one, I’ve since learned. Is scary, but am so hoping the pain is fibro and will ease soon.

      Thanks for your note. I’m glad to have a nature loving friend in you!

      xoxo Big Hugs, Michelle.

    • Hi HL!
      How nice that you stopped by. I enjoy very much sharing the photos and a few notes about our days in the gardens or Horticulture Therapy, or any place that makes me feel good for a time. I’m often reminded of your pond when I visit the baby turtle and frog. It isn’t the same, because it is a public place, but it is quiet with lots of places to be alone.

      I hope you are doing okay my friend. Thanks so much for your note.


  2. Hope your water friends do continue to hang-out at the garden. The whimsical sculptures are wonderful.
    Many years ago, I visited an aquarium that had many “tanks” (not sure that’s the word for those giant water spaces at such places). There was a large sea turtle, and I had gone very close to the glass, waving and saying “hello.” The turtle followed me all around while I was in that part of the aquarium; swimming, it seemed, to keep in eye contact with me. I’d always liked turtles, but now sea turtles (and their plight) pull at my heartstrings.
    Thanks for sharing your time at the water garden.

    • Hi Phy! I’m so sorry that I missed this comment, but is nice to have read it this morning!

      I haven’t been around many turtles in my life, esp., sea turtles, but I’ve learned a little about them lately, and it breaks my heart too. I’m not sure how differently they behave, but the baby turtle I get to see at the pond garden always keeps an eye on me too! I love the turtle, and now all turtles. I wish everyone would spend a little time at their state Botanical Garden or on land that is protected for our beloved friends in nature because a little awareness goes a long way. What if we all loved Turtles like you and I do! Wouldn’t that be awesome 🙂

      I hope you get this reply, and that you are doing okay as I write. I am in lots of fibromyalgia pain. Ouch!

      Sending you many virtual green healing hugs and my love,

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