Between Summer and Fall


2012, 25 August

August is almost over.  The days of 100 degree temperatures in North Carolina are most likely gone for the year.  A few leaves are falling.  Pale yellows and a few red ones have blown with the light winds landing on my small front porch, where my little Green Healing garden grows.  Amazing how time goes by when you reach a certain age.

Fall planting has begun in Horticulture Therapy.  We planted Kale and Radish seeds.  The soil is still warm, so these will be good plants to start with.  Both are of a variety that will make for a pretty garden.  The Radish are ‘White Ice Cicle’ and the Kale will have wide leaves that are rather pale in color compared to the more common green varieties.  We’ll enjoy a lovely white (and nutritious) garden if it grows well and I sure hope it does.  The garden always offers hope.

Hand and Seeds for Fall planting

Planting seeds is one of my favorite things to do in a garden.  I think it is also one of the most hopeful tasks, because there are many events that could cause the seeds not to germinate.  The first evidence of germination makes a horticulture heart a happy one!  (Click on an image to view Gallery)

4 thoughts on “Between Summer and Fall

  1. Beautifully shared, Michelle ~ I love how you express the Hope that comes with every planting. Well do I remember the days of planting rows of beans, lettuce, corn, melons, just about everything, and checking several times a day for the first plant to break the surface. The graceful curve of a bean plant as it unfurls into Life… now, we garden in pots, herbs & flowers, and don’t start many from seed. But we watch them all the same, charting their growth, noting who needs wiggle room or a trim. By the looks of things, the plant people are appreciating the Love we’ve been giving them. Soon it will be time to find window space for our growing collection for the winter…
    Thank you for sharing, my beautiful sister spirit!

    • Hi Ash!

      I’m so glad you visited Green Healing Notes. I enjoy this space, esp., hearing about your container garden. I too have plants in containers, and hopefully will find a place with enough light for them to live through Winter. I love it when we bring them all inside too. I brought several inside yesterday just for the sake of cleaning the air a little.

      I have the neatest little space on my front porch, which is small. There isn’t much sunlight around here, so the garden is all on one side of the porch, lined up along the walkway.

      We have Lavender, Chives, a little Basil, Rosemary, Carpet Mint, Lots of Thyme, a large container of Lemon Balm (that one overwintered outside with the Sage) and several flowers. I love most the Lantana as it brings lots of butterflies and a Squash that grows like crazy overnight every night 🙂 (no veggies though but sure is a pretty plant).

      I haven’t grown peas myself, but my son has at the Botanical Gardens and I enjoy watching them grow up the poles. They have a Tee Pee for the children. The beans grow up the poles covering it, and the kids can sit inside.

      I hope we get to see your front porch this year.

      Sending you virtual green healing hugs, and love from Neil and I. xoxoxo

      • It’s our back deck that’s got plants – well, potted plants! Living in a forest, we’re surrounded by trees, raspberry vines that are trying to take over, Forsythia bushes, and forest undergrowth. The shade and the deer make it pretty impossible to “garden” in the ground, although we have a large variety of flowers, mostly from bulbs, that pop up all over.

        The back deck, however, faces west, and gets enough sun for a variety of herbs & flowers, but not enough for tomatoes (we tried for 10 years). Right now we have a huge Ficus tree to bring in, as well as a 4 1/2 foot tall Norfolk Island Pine that Rhiannon got last December to be our living holiday tree. Along with them will come a large Rosemary, Lavendar, my Ficus bonsai tree, an Ivy, a big pot of New Guinea Impatiens I got for my birthday, maybe our 2 year old Geranium, a small cactus, and undoubtedly somebody I’m forgetting! Luckily, the cabin has 3 sliding glass doors which open onto the deck or screened in porch, and they get pretty good sun in winter.

        We have someplants that will overwinter on the deck, including a new, large pot of chocolate mint that smells like heaven, and an apple mint. I love the scent of the herbs, especially the Rosemary & chocolate mint.

        I also love Green Healing Notes, and have read every one, sometimes with Google Reader. You better know I’m a devoted fan of all your writing and all your gorgeous fotos!
        Much Love & Green Healing to you, Neil, and the 4-Leggeds, from Ash, Rhiannon, and our 4-Leggeds!

        • Dearest Ash,

          Thank you so much for sharing about your plants and the different ones you have in containers. I like bringing plants indoors for Winter, even though finding a place for them can be challenging. I used to have two large plants. One was a Begonia, but it grew about four feet high! It was surviving in a shady home. Was amazing, but then, it got so heavy and one season, life got so hard that I didn’t bring it inside and it died.

          Depending on the Winter weather, I’m not sure what I’ll have room for. I was supposed to be moved already, since having given my notice over two months ago. Time flies even when you’re not having fun.

          I’m pretty saturated with difficulties my friend, so I realize I’ve been absent other than writing in my blogs. I can do that pretty much in the dark, you know. Everything else is hard right now.

          I wanted you to know I read your comment, and love that you wrote it. Thank you!
          Sending you great big hugs and lots of love,

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