Welcome Little One!

11 thoughts on “Welcome Little One!

  1. Phy, if you see this comment, I wonder why are my replies are going to the right in a narrow format covering my side-bar? (I have threaded (nested) comments enabled but am not sure what it means).

    confused with technology as usual…

    • Oh, it was so little! Just born, it’s body was about an inch long, and the ribs shined. Barely had any color. We saw the little body and eyes get color and open. Amazing! It came back the other day, and I discovered my son likes these little ones as much as I like butterflies. I’ll post a pic and ask if he likes it and he says, “Put one of the lizards up.”

        • Actually this little one lives on my front porch, in what has become my own healing garden 🙂 I planted a squash in a container, which took off you know, trailing down and alongside the walkway. Many trees surround us, so the vine curls this way and that way, always seeking the light, ending up back where it started from on the porch. Lizards like squash plants. Lots of places to crawl and easy to hide.

          Several butterfly species have visited the little porch garden too. All because of a few good plants and perhaps a calling to be more in tune with Mother Earth.

          Sending you Green Healing Drum Beats from across the Ocean…

    • Hi Sue, (I had to reply to the older comment of yours because our comments kept going to the right, until they covered my right sidebar. I don’t know how to fix that. Is that threaded (nested) comments? Was kind of artsy I thought, with our notes in one long vertical line, but not when they went off the screen. Below is my reply to your recent comment)…

      Yes. I did get the photos. Hope you got my message. I loved seeing your ‘little one’ with the big Sunflowers! I still have that image in my mind. The colors, love and sweet innocence shined in your garden. I really enjoyed them. Thank you, my friend.

      Sending those drum beats again. After a rest, a little time with my dog, I’m feeling stronger than earlier. It’s bedtime here, so when you read this, I hope I’m snoozing with dreams of butterflies, little ones, and dogs.

      Lots of Love and Green Healing Wishes,
      your friend, Michelle.


    • I know!!! I’m surprised other people didn’t find this little one as amazing as I did, but maybe you had to be there. He was sooo little. I am sure he had just come out of the egg. Then, my son spotted him again two days ago. I got some more photos, but his little tummy started to swell. (I don’t know why I always want to call these critters ‘he’).

      Thanks for looking at my photo. I don’t think many folks who follow my dogkisses’ blog know about Green Healing Notes. Photos look much nicer on this blog though.

      Big hugs2U!

        • What’s that saying Phy? ‘Girls are made of sugar and spice and Boys are made of snakes and mice’ –We said that when I was growing up., but of course I know that isn’t true. Do you think that’s why we say he?

          I’ve noticed I never say he or she when I refer to butterflies. I saw a photo recently that let me know for sure there was a female Anole involved in making that ‘little one’.

          Thinking of you and Sending you some drum beats too 🙂

          Love, Michelle.

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