Oarlocks and Tranquility

“I get to row the boat this time,” my son said.

“You better believe you’ll get to,” I answered, nearly gasping at the thought of rowing a boat myself.

We both laughed.  We recalled our ‘wafting’ trip on his eighth birthday.  Almost twenty years ago.  He’d wanted to lead the boat and wasn’t happy when I had to say no. 

He started singing to himself while we got ready to go.  I haven’t heard him sing in a long time. 

I wish we had gone in a Canoe, which is what we had expected, but our boat had flat sides and square ends.  An old friend was renting the boats and had offered us a free entrance to the lake.  He and I were once Cub-Scout Den leaders together.  I didn’t want to ask for a different boat since he’d been so generous.  Plus, upon reflection, there’s a large chance my son and I would have been IN the water if we’d been in a canoe.  Maybe our friend knew that. 

(I love the images of the water, sky and trees.  As always, they look better enlarged.  Right click/View Image for a closer look).

The Oar

Next time, and I’m hoping there will be one, we’ll definitely get a different boat.  I’ll leave my camera behind and wear a vest.  I felt like I was on a wagon-train built a long, long time ago.  In fact, several times I had visions of being on one.  I was in emotional survival mode.  I felt that if I could make that trip work, then we could get to where we truly need to be.

I hadn’t expected the trip to be frustrating.  I don’t think I would have gone if I had, but as usual, there are always lessons to take from difficulties.

I’d like to return with a few tools in my bag, including an unwavering ability to hold patience and empathy.

Most challenging to my physical senses were the loose and inefficiently positioned oarlock sockets.  The sound of metal against metal interrupted my plan for a tranquil outing on the quiet still water lake. 

Our inexperience meant us working together, which became our next and biggest challenge.  My son and I need to meet at a place in life where we both feel good.  A Mother and Son relationship can be challenging.

Beautiful Still Water

Resting in the Shade

The cloud’s reflection in the water and the love that lives in the heart of my small family, I guess, like most things beautiful and worthy, at times take effort or strong intentions for us to see and feel them.

I thought the day had been a complete failure, other than the short time we sat listening to the sound of the still water.  A Tiger Swallowtail came fluttering by and we drank cold orange sodas.  We did laugh and have some fun moments.

We talked after we got home.  My son explained his reluctance to be more cooperative with me when we had such trouble with the heavy oars.  I hadn’t understood that his way of coping was out of utter frustration.  I’m grateful that he talked to me and I really do look forward to another chance. 

I learned a few things, one of which is that I need to calm down.  Also, when two people are rowing the same boat, you absolutely must be headed in the same direction.

Air and Water


Next time, I’ll be more ready, however I may not get any photos 😉

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10 thoughts on “Oarlocks and Tranquility

  1. the title drew me in right as I was about to shut down for the night
    I love “Green Healing Notes” I believe all healings are within ourselves
    if we trust enough to Believe that Gaia gives us and shows us what we need….
    I have been finding words on Quantum Healings (Energy ) I can’t think of the exact title, incredible work ine energy
    Incredible photographs….
    Thank you again for sharing you ad your journey
    Take Care ….
    You Matter…

    • Hi LadyBlueRose! Thanks so much for commenting on Green Healing Notes.

      It was a most interesting day we had when we went to the lake. I want to go back, and try again, you know. Hopefully soon we’ll get to do that and next time, I hope we are able to work together.

      ‘Quantum Healing’ is not something I’ve heard of. I don’t understand Quantam Physics very much, but I must say, the little I have grasped makes complete sense to me. It always has. Maybe you’ll tell me more about this one day, or when my life settles down a bit (surely it will and hopefully sooner rather than later) then maybe I’ll see something about it on your blog.

      Thanks again for your comment here. I also love Green Healing Notes.

      Peace and Green Healing Wishes to you,
      Michelle aka, Rosa Blue.

  2. I thought I’d left a comment here; but perhaps I didn’t (or is this cross posted and I commented on dog kisses?
    Just wanted to say the pictures and words remind me of lovely canoe trips up and down the Mersey River in Keji National Park in Nova Scotia. And, I used to go rowing with my cousin in the La Have River (my great-uncle’s summer house (his mother’s house) and my grandmother’s house were side across the narrow road above the river with my greatuncle’s property having a rickety ladder down to the shore, and a boat slip for the row boat and a small fishing boat along with a very old fishing shed. Ricky was a stronger rower than me, and if he wasn’t careful, we would always go in circles becase he pulled so much harder! I’d go out fishing with my greatuncle who was a good fisherman who hated fish! We let most go, but saved a few that even tho I was still pretty little would do all the work getting it ready to fry up in butter for supper.
    Now I’m getting hunger.
    Your pictures and stories always seem to bring back fond memories for me. I really appreciate you doing that. It makes me feel warm and my insides sunny for a time.

    • Hi Phy, I had the comments open, but I must have a ‘fan’ for a lack of better words, so I have to moderate comments on both blogs.

      What a wonderful comment! Thank you Phylor. It means a lot to me knowing that my photos bring back sweet memories, and I LOVE when you share them. I feel like I am there with you. So, it goes both ways 🙂

      I do not know how to row a boat. I learned that much. But we are going to try again, and next time, we are going for a real Canoe. I am not taking the camera though, b/c my son forgets not to stand or move. He is twice my size, plus a few pounds, and when he moves, we all do, boat included. So we may hit the water next time.

      I used to go fishing down at the pond behind my grandma’s house. I only went to sit in the car, waiting for near dark, when my mom would get in the front seat, me and my sisters in the back, and she’d tell the best and scariest ghost stories ever. I knew how scared I would get, but I knew my sister would hold me when I screamed. I loved it! I didn’t love the mosquitoes or worms, so I never did learn how to fish.

      I love your story! (My son and I went in circles a few times, lol, and I wondered if we’d ever make it back).

      Big Hugs to you!
      Love, Michelle.

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  4. Hi Dreamwalker,

    Yes, you’ve spoken the truth about the day, “perfect ust the way it was.” I am ready for more fun than lessons, I must admit, but hopefully the next time we go, we’ll be able to more easily ‘go with the flow’.

    Even with the struggles and frustrations, the images of the still water are etched in my memory. The peaceful way I felt in the moments we sat in our square boat, under the shade, is what I recall most about our adventurous day-trip, which turned into part of this ongoing ‘Green Healing’ journey.

    Thanks for your note, sending my love to you and yours,
    Michelle xoxoxo

  5. Unity in a boat of two is needed as you so rightly say Michelle. But I think the day although it seemed less tranquil than you had envisaged held its lessons none the less.
    Somtimes its just letting go of frustrations and expectations in life which let us flow more fluid in life. That great saying going with the flow is so true.
    We often struggle against the current and battle up stream. Trying to force lifes plan. When if we would just relax and know every thIng is in perfect order. Then order is returned as we allow our calmness to uplift.
    Much like a swimmer we can rest and float upon the top of the water anytime by just surrendering and relaxing. If we panic and struggle wanting to thrash about we can drown.
    I think your day was just perfect as it was. 🙂
    Much love

    And I hope this posts as its from my phone so excuse any spelling mistakes 🙂 xxxxx love to you my friend
    Sue xxx

    • Trying to reply to you Sue, but it showed up as a comment to the post. It is surely time to FIX the problem with my log in info. My comments don’t show up as replies. I simply can’t figure out who I am on WordPress. I approve my own comments, and get notices that ‘Michelle’ posted to ‘my’ blog…

      hugs2U ooOoo

      • Well I got the reply here as dogkisses.. Michelle, but with no picture .. Maybe its to do with your two blogs.. identity… if you have a problem maybe Help at WP could help you out.. I know people have been experiencing different problems, hope they soon sorted for you xx Sue

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