Sunflowers, Plant People, Big Color

Well, I’m back sooner than expected to share more Sunflower photos.  I really can’t help myself.  If I wasn’t tired, which I am, I’d give fun names to the ones I saw today!  I guess some folks might think if you’ve seen one Sunflower, then you’ve seen them all, but today only strengthened my personal observation that each one is unique.

Note:  Click on images to see the original size.

Drop Dead Red Sunflower, Green Healing Notes Blog Images

My friend and I had gone to the gardens to have lunch under the naturally vine-crafted Gazebo by the herb garden.  I thought it would be cool spot to sit, but I used all except one napkin for wiping the out-pour of sweat on my body, and I had on a summer dress! 

I may be a mountain woman in my heart, but I’m not sure.  We lived in the mountains when I was a toddler, but soon moved to the Piedmont area of North Carolina, which is where I’ve spent most of my life.  We’ve always had rather hot and humid summers in NC, but they’re hotter now than they were twenty (or so) years ago.  I later moved to the mountains with my teenage son.  After living there for several years, I learned that I like temperatures around 72 degrees.  We had to move back to the Piedmont area for medical reasons, but I’ve never forgotten those beautiful blue hills.  I’ve regressed.  Back to Sunflowers…

Sunflower Green Healing Images, Drop Dead Red

My friend, Camila, who is also a volunteer in Horticulture Therapy at the Botanical gardens, was watering the Sunflowers when my friend and I arrived for our lunch outing. 

Camila likes the heat.  I salute her for enduring it because she is now solely responsible for tending the Horticulture Therapy gardens, which includes the Sunflowers.  Yay for Plant People, especially ones who volunteer their time.

As much as I love the ‘Drop Dead Red’ variety of sunflowers, an amazingly large yellow one in the back of the garden overlooking the hill and the woods where the nature trails are was most worthy of our attention.

Camila had earlier tied the plant’s thick stem to a bamboo pole.  “That one is so big it was falling down,” she said with a loving little laugh.  We’re a lot alike in our love for the Sunflowers, as for all plants.

Yellow Sunflower and Woman


Green Healing Sunflower Images in Yellow

Is that a hummingbird hovering above? 

I think perhaps the big bloom (above) is prepared for a special event.  I mean who knows what goes on in that garden when the humans are sleeping and the Moon is shining.  For all I know they have parties and beauty contests!  I especially like the blown petals with fashionably curled tips on the big one with a very heavy head (above), but I must say, they were all beautiful!

Below is the tallest flower in the garden, not yet blooming, and Camila, a special one of the Plant People.

Beautiful woman standing in Garden of Sunflowers

The Horticulture Therapy group is harvesting Watermelons today, so I gotta go!

Thanks for viewing my Sunflower and Plant People images!

6 thoughts on “Sunflowers, Plant People, Big Color

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  2. Michelle! Your new blog is awesome! Love this post. Beautiful colors. Keep cool in this dangerous heat. Hope you’ve got plenty of water for your plants. And of course, the dogs. Go girl!

    • Thanks John! I appreciate the visit. Glad you like the photos! The Sunflowers are sure putting on a show for us, but you’re right. It is very hot. I’ve had to take a break from watering the gardens, and my doggies stay inside ’til evening. Thanks again for your visit. I hope you’re doing well, and also keeping cool.

  3. The sunflowers are spectacular. I should find the pictures of the multi-blosoom sunflower we grew many years ago.
    I love the colours they come in now!
    The sunflower that grew out of a seed from the bird feeder has done it’s duty. We watched the birds take the new seeds from the seed head. Things have gone full circle.
    I like the idea that the sunflowers commune with the moon; I imagine the fairies like dancing from flower head to flower head.
    Thanks for sharing. And, as to Camilla and the heat — wow! She is amazing!

    • Hi Phy, Thanks, I think they’re spectacular too. I wish they were in my yard, where I could watch them. Then I’d know what they do under the light of the Moon 😉

      One day I want a place where I can watch the birds like you did. I bet that was fun.

      I’m glad you like my photos, and thanks so much for commenting, esp., since I’m not able to comment on blogs these days myself. I hope to return to the world (so to speak) soon. Times are truly demanding and difficult. It’s nice to take breaks and write about Sunflowers.

      PS I’ll tell Camila what you said. She’ll like that.
      Take good care and Big Hugs to you,

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