I love this image! What a colorful and truly beautiful winged water garden friend!

(From my other blog, “DogKisses”)

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  1. I love dragonflies — the iridence (spelling) of their wings, the rythmic way they fly. It’s great when they land on you — so light and yet so strong.

    • Hi Phylor, I was so sleepy when your comment came in, but thank you. I love dragon flies too. Especially ones that look like this one 😉 They love the heat at noontime in the water garden!

      I’ve been out of the loop lately, tired and I guess a sort of writer’s block. I hope to attend horticulture therapy this week when we are hoping (with the garden we always hope don’t we?) to have watermelons! Yum. I’ll take photos for sure.

      Big Hugs to you,

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