Tending the Garden

Squash plant, up close“I can water the gardens,” I remember saying with hopeful enthusiasm after the horticulture therapist said they needed a volunteer to help. I can’t believe how fast time has passed since then. 

I’ve been enjoying this job for several months.  My son volunteers as well and often helps.  I like it when he comes with me.  I think most plant people like watering the garden.  It’s easier than digging or pulling weeds and seeing the plants and flowers perk up after a drink is refreshing.  I usually take photos when he goes with me, but I tend to do that almost every time I go.

I was on my own yesterday.  It was late in the day to be watering, but the wind had been blowing for most of the day and kept things rather cool.  Every few minutes the trees swayed and I heard their leaves rustling.  It was a good day to water.

The different colors and wonderful aromas stimulate my mind.  The shapes and textures of leaves or fruit and vegetables capture my full attention.  I adore the busy garden creatures. 

And of course, I love it when we harvest food.  There is a strong connection to the land and earth when I eat food that I helped grow.  There’s something special that happens when you gather up greens or pull out carrots and garlic from the dirt.  I do believe with all my heart and soul that food taste better when it comes from your garden.  It’s a Green Healing happening to eat homegrown food!.

Tomato, in Red

I enjoy being a volunteer for many reasons, one of which is obviously that I get to be in a beautiful environment with nice people.  I also like the responsibility.  I think my son does too. 

I may need a little more help watering the gardens.  The hose is heavy and I thought I’d get used to it, but I’m fatigued.  Doctors say I have fibromyalgia.  I know for sure I have chronic pain and fatigue.  The key to controlling the pain, I guess, is not over doing things, which is challenging.  Plus, I forget about pain when I’m in the gardens.  I love that, but I’ve discovered that I must find a balance.

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5 thoughts on “Tending the Garden

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  2. This is lovely, especially that your son helps. You sound gorgeous!!

    I live in a flat, Melbourne Australia, with my son, & when I go into work on Mondays & people say what they’ve been doing, when they say “Oh, I spent an afternoon doing gardening” I can truly imagine how wonderful that would be. Green. Earth. Bugs. Life. Smell. Fresh. Dying. Out with the old, in with the new. Just lovely.

    Love all your pictures, too.

    • WordsFall… Hi, and Thank you for your comment!

      I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. I had a chance once, and had to say no. Maybe one day!

      At home I use containers for gardening, and of course, if you have any light, you can grow something indoors. I recently came to know about the Scented Geranium. I think you can grow it indoors. It grows fast and has a strong aroma. It is the scent of citronella.

      The gardens we help tend are not at home, but are at the Botanical Gardens. Perhaps your city has one?

      It’s a great deal of fun, gardening, esp., with the raised beds so folks don’t have to bend over too far. it is getting very hot though, so until the Fall, I’ll be either a morning gardener, or home writing about it 😉

      Good Day to you, and hope you visit again.


  3. As I think I’ve mentioned before, when we had a big garden (several lifetimes ago, lol) I decided that I won’t think of anything negative, or bring into the garden something that was bothering me.
    That’s how I looked at the garden as therapeutic. I think you are right that being that close to the earth, nature, and growing things has a positive, healing effect. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your time in the gardent. And, I hope you find someone to help with the hose and watering. I know that with chronic pain, distraction helps, but like you, if I over do it . . .
    Looking forward to your next trip to the garden!

    • Hi Phy,
      You know, I don’t exactly practice thinking positive in the gardens. Perhaps I should, but sometimes, I use the gardens to think through my problems. Or usually, I’ll be thinking of them, maybe feeling frustrated, and then after working for a little while, my thought pattern changes and becomes much more positive or hopeful.

      Thanks for stopping and commenting on my new blog Phylor. You have such a kind spirit.

      Peace and Blessings,

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