Moments in Thyme

hands dirt Thyme

Planting Thyme

Things didn’t work out at the farm for my son.  I was disappointed and I guess he was too.  I think we’re both feeling better as I write.

He has a job interview tomorrow.  He’s excited and I’m hopeful.  Sometimes you gotta go with the flow. 

I’m sure we’ll both miss getting to know the animals.  The goats were so sweet! 

Click on images for a more intimate view.

Goats on the Farm

The cows were beautiful.  I like cows.

Cows hanging around the farm

We decided to do a little horticultural healing at home.  My son planted a few Marigolds in two planter boxes.  He also fixed them so they fit perfectly on the deck’s side-rail.  I think men like fixing things.

We both planted Thyme.  I love this plant for several reasons.  It’s hardy, grows fast, smells nice and makes pretty blooms.  It has medicinal value and of course, we can use it for cooking. 

We tended to our containers of Chamomile, Chives, Lavender and a wonderful ground cover called Carpet Mint.  I really like that Mint.  It feels like soft carpet and is spreading quickly.

Carpet Mint in container

We planted Black Mammoth Sunflower seeds in a large container, a few in our front garden and some in the ground along the walkway from the back door. 

The dirt is dry where I live and the trees are many, so it’s pretty hard to grow anything other than moss.  We also have moles, and they ate all my plants when I first moved here.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Sunflowers.

I’m looking forward to a move in the near future.  I do not know where we’ll go yet, but I sure hope I can find a place with a sunny spot for a garden.  I’d also like to have a small greenhouse and enough space for some critters. 

For now, we live in the moment, taking each day as it comes.  When you don’t have much money and you have health issues, as far as I can tell, the moment is where to live.

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10 thoughts on “Moments in Thyme

  1. There is nothing like a garden to refresh one’s spirit and touch one’s soul
    When I had a garden, I made it my goal not to think negative thoughts (even if the weeds out numbered the plants and the crows had developed a taste for the hot pepper spray we put on the corn as they first pushed out of the ground, lol) It make a retreat, a place for meditation right out side my door.
    I hope your garden provides you with green healing and soul-affirming peace.

    • Hi Phylor, Thanks for sharing your garden stories with me. I enjoy hearing them very much!

      I only just now saw your comment. I’ve been distracted trying to find my son a place to live, and deciding where I’m going to live. So much change lately… No time for myself, but have managed to enjoy nature at the gardens and take some nice photos. I hope to visit your blog again soon and that you are doing well these days. I still have the sweet gift you gave me, right by my desk. I move it around as needed 😉

      Here’s a virtual Green Healing Hug (((4U)))
      Peace and Blessings,

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  3. I am sorry to hear about your son’s job on the farm not working out. I agree with CZ about loving carpet mint. It’s so much better than the crazy wild mind that takes over everything and never dies. I hope you move close to me in TN so I can learn more from you about gardening. You look like a master gardener!

    • ISing4God–
      Thanks for your kind words. My apologies for just now responding.

      I’m pretty used to new things not working, but one thing that has stuck is Horticulture Therapy (HT), so that’s good. I think this is because one of the main components of HT is having choices. You can work hard, watch people work, clip some Thyme for drying, etc.,

      You know, I do love the state you live in and, I think what you said is really, really sweet. But then, I’m not a Master Gardener 😉 I’d like to be though. I wish I could earn a HT certification. Maybe one day… I’m fairly educated about many plants though, and particularly love ones that attract butterflies and feed the caterpillars. Mexican Sunflower is my favorite nectar producing flower and Fennel is my favorite larval food plant. Both grow well in TN if you ever want to try growing them.

      Peace and have a Blessed Day,

      • Thank you. We pulled weeds and dug up unwanted trees today. it was a beautiful day to be outside and working in the dirt. I love being in the middle of the plants. We plan to put some ground cover out soon instead of mulching. I like green and flowers better.
        Blessings to you.

        • Don, I hope you enjoyed your work day pulling weeds and such. I’ve been too busy to work in the gardens, but I have the prettiest purple pepper that I brought home the other day. They are the color of a Merlot wine. We also have nice tomatoes, but somebody gave us the plants and we don’t know what kind they are. They sure taste good. Blessings to you, Michelle.

    • Hi CZ, My apologies for taking so long to reply. I hope you found the Carpet Mint. Wish I knew the botanical name, but maybe you’ll know and tell me 🙂 Do you ever take photos of your garden? I’d love to see some if ever you do.

      Also, I’ve enjoyed your ‘WON CINEMA’ again, but am usually too sleepy to leave a comment after a movie. You choose the most wonderful movies CZ!

      Hope to talk again soon 🙂

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