Green Healing on the Farm

Hands, Dirt, SeedsMy son has gone to live on a small farm for a little while, which means he can’t attend the Horticulture Therapy group with me until he returns.  It won’t be the same without him, but it’s temporary, he needed something more in his life, and he’s a grown man.

The farm is a place for healing.  There are about eight or nine other men who also live there.  I hope and pray that he’s enjoying his time.  Last I heard, he had spent the day shoveling mulch, an activity I used to love because the labor was intense and took my mind off my problems.  Pulling weeds is like that too.

Community service is part of the farm’s healing program.  The guys go to the local church each week to serve food in their kitchen where people can get free meals.  The most recent time I called, they said my son was helping unload a very large truck of furniture that someone donated to the farm.  “He’s working hard and looks like he’s having a good time,” the director told me.  There’s no telling what all he’s been up to since I last heard.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

My grandpa used to laugh when I said I couldn’t wait for something.

“What else can you do but wait?” he would ask in a lighthearted tone.  I knew he was right, especially about Christmas or the summer holiday when my cousins came to visit.

My mother was telling me some family history the other day.  My grandparents’ house, which is where I lived for a substantial part of my childhood, was the first house built in the town and is the oldest one still, “standing.”  My memory isn’t serving me well and I can’t remember if my great-uncle or great-grandfather built the house. 

I do remember that my great-grandfather was a preacher and started the town’s first, First Baptist Church.  My grandma told me this story over and over.  She wanted me to be the first, “woman preacher in the family.”  I’m not sure why, but that isn’t how things worked out.  Sometimes, I wish it had.

Many people in my grandparents’ family were born and raised in that house.  Sadly, my uncle recently sold the place.  The new owners painted the tin roof red.  I can’t imagine.  My grandma probably turned over in her grave when they did that.  I’ve regressed.  I do that.

Back to the farm, which is on land surrounded by low rolling green pastures and tall thickets of trees.  You can sit outside under the great big sky, without city lights, revealing the bright moon and shimmering stars. 

They don’t have noise on the farm.  They have sounds.  Wonderful sounds of nature.  If there’s anywhere to have Green Healing days, this farm is surely one of those places.

They raise vegetables and take care of chickens, cows and goats.  I haven’t seen the animals yet, and the men are going on a mountain camping trip in a few days, but I’ll see them (and my son) soon.  I can’t wait!  Well, maybe I can. 

Thanks for visiting Green Healing Notes!

16 thoughts on “Green Healing on the Farm

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  4. Michelle, Stopped a minute on my job to tell you I am really proud of you. You have certainly come along way with your skills on the computer. I have told you for years to start a book, I believe it would be a best seller. –Sometimes re-living the past is not a good idea thou. It really can hurt you. I am glad Neil went to the farm, just to get his thoughts together.
    I pray for you both. FAITH is what I go on each day. I love you.
    Your sissy Teena

    • Hi Teena! I doubt if you’ll see my reply, but just in case, I love you too, and thanks so much for visiting, and commenting. (I edited your comment just a little) —

      Wishing you too some Green Healing days!

  5. Hi Michelle!
    I didn’t know you were raised Southern Baptist, too – another similarity between us.
    I know it must be very hard to let your son go and try this, but I hope & pray it works out for him. He surely seems to thrive in a gardening environment, so hopefully this will work out well.
    Sending good thoughts & healing energy to you both, along with a bunch of love!

    • Hi Ash, Thank you for your Green Healing note!

      I imagine we could spend at least three days talking
      about our similarities, and I really hope to visit you this summer.

      I saw my son and he’s okay, except not sleeping well, I’m not sure what to do about that yet. He’s had a hard time sleeping for quite some time. Oddly, he said he slept well while in the mountains. (Also odd, I have a case of bad bronchitis, but didn’t cough once while I was up there. Today, I had to make a doctor’s appointment b/c after one night back home, the symptoms are now serious.)

      Horticulture Therapy is starting to become more popular to help people who are challenged by an unsettled mind.

      I am most grateful to the people who run the farm. They are exceptional in their ethical and moral standards, and I respect that. They also care about my son and his family.

      Sending you many healing hugs,

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! I am curious about the farm your son went to live on. Would you please tell me more about it?

    • Hi lantanagurl, what a great name! Wish I’d spelled mine differently… Two gs is not so great.

      I would like to tell you more, but I’d like to wait ’til the ten days (a trial period) are up, which is Friday. It is possible he will not decide to stay longer.

      It’s a Christian based farm. I’m not sure how my son feels about things yet, but I’ll see him this weekend. He is a very independent thinker, which I raised him to be, and a free spirit. It is not a place designed to treat any type of illness.

      They raise veggies, but I am not sure they eat organic, and probably not the diet I’d like for my son to be on. We chose this place because we both want our lives to be better, we needed a little help in that area, and we don’t have the money to go to a private residential healing center.

      If you would like to know something specific, feel free
      to ask. Comments are moderated before publishing,
      and I intend to put an email on my profile soon. I
      would be glad to answer any questions though.

      Thanks for visiting my new blog lantanagurl 🙂
      Peace and Blessings,

  7. Hi Michelle:
    I am able to visit this blog, Yeah! Some of the pictures are stretched out, but that’s my computer. The blog looks great — the colors, etc. You’ve done a great job.
    I’m so glad that your son has gone to a place where he can spend time outside and helping other people. He is still connected to the earth, still in touch with the healing nature of being with planets.
    As a historian, I love hearing family stories — so often that knowledge isn’t passed down on. My mother didn’t talk much about her family, and my grandmother “manufactured” most of the information she imparted.
    As to the first woman Bapist preacher — some Bapist groups were very much against having women become preachers. In fact, in some areas, women weren’t allowed to preach until well into the 20th century if at all! Depended alot of what Baptist group — some were more strict re women’s role in the church than others.
    Hope you are still able to attend the healing garden. Take good care!

    • Phylor, Hello my friend,

      I’m glad you can view the blog. I’m not sure why photos are stretched out. I actually changed themes once, and liked the other better, but this one says it is good for all devices, so I like that. It was hard to read the other theme on my netbook.

      Yes, he will definitely be in touch with the earth where he is. And plants. Plenty of horticulture, and I can continue volunteering in the Horticulture Therapy group. It’s a lot of fun!

      I love family history too. I loved my grandma’s house, and felt pride when I learned, again, that it was the first one built, and now, the last one still standing that is that old.

      My grandma was a little ahead of her time, but that was the only way she was. She was otherwise a hardcore Southern Baptist.

      Note: When I took college courses in the mountains, they had a class to help people recover from a Southern Baptist past. I didn’t take it, but I knew a woman who did. Interesting, isn’t it?

      See you in the blogosphere,
      Hugs and ‘Whimsical’ Fairy-Kisses to you xoxo

    • Hi Rossa,

      Thanks for your encouraging note. He’s there for a ten day trial to see if it’s a place he’d like to spend the next couple of months, so we’ll see.

      Best wishes to you, and also, I hope your book is doing well. I still haven’t downloaded it. I’m not as good with technology as I’d like to be. And, our times have been a little challenging, but you know, I remember one year ago dealing with the psychiatrists, so I am grateful to be talking about a farm!

      Peace and Blessings,

  8. Michelle, I am certain that your Son is enjoying his time at the Farm.. Its hard for us Mums to let go at times.. I know too when my own son left home.. I wanted to ring him after a couple of days.. My Hubby said let the lad stand on his own, He doesnt need you breathing down his neck.. Arrgh but its so good when they come home and visit.. 🙂 .. Now 6 yrs later he visits regualar with my little Granddaughter and I Need not have worried.. 🙂
    Love the layout of you blog and the colours you have chosen too.. seems you are setting up a beautiful Blog space here Michelle..
    And I am so happy to be sharing it with you..
    I too was weeding in the garden at the weekend.. It was just what I needed to get my own self back into gear of right thinking..
    Wishing you a Great Day.. what there is left of it.. .. Evening here 8-40pm..
    Take care and Be well.. Love and Hugs to you ~Sue xx

    • Hi Sue,

      Yes, it’s hard to let go, especially when I wonder if he is tired, but so far news is all good. I hope so much it works out for him, and of course, if it doesn’t, we’ll keep on moving forward. I’m sure he did feel like I was breathing down his neck, which was hard not to do, while living together in a small environment.

      Yep. Trying to create the space. In fact, I’ve found that the task much more fun than my chores are! So, I must stop, and go take care of my responsibilities. Can’t just spend all my time creating a blog 😉

      Hugs and Love to you also,

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