Flora, Fauna and Notes in Carolina

A good strong rain finally came.  We needed it and personally, I’m glad because my heart-strings have been pulled around a bit lately and I’m tired.  Rain and mist go well with a melancholic mood or a time for quiet reflection.

Art in the Garden, Very cool Nature-Person

My most recent time in the horticulture therapy gardens was several days ago and already,  I miss them.  I wonder how the lettuce is doing.  I bet the garden where they accidentally planted flowers with leaf vegetables is blooming and making good food too.

Although the gardens are not mine, nor on my property, my heart has a place in it especially for them.

Synchronistically, while traveling to the country over the past week, I’ve continued having ‘Green Healing’ experiences.  Healing has been the subject of conversation with people whom I met and a continuous metaphor in events that occurred.  Each event had to do with land and nature, and many times, for different reasons, I had to talk about why green is important.

Note:  Green Healing isn’t always easy or pleasant.  My week has challenged me, to say the least, but I also saw beautiful places, spent time with my mother, and met some nice folks.

We traveled near my hometown, which is a beautiful part of our state.  I love the land in North Carolina, particularly that which hasn’t been developed.  We have beautiful rolling hills of green and relatively, there are still many trees.  I’ve lived in other places for short periods, and each time I returned, it was the trees I was first glad to see again. 

Green Healing Land

My mother’s backyard (above) always lifts my spirit and without a doubt, offers me delightful views. 

Carolina in Springtime

She doesn’t particularly care for the view and would rather be around people.  I understand that.  I’ve lived in spectacular places full of natural beauty, but without other people, life gets too lonely.  Nature, like dogs, has a lot to offer us, but neither replaces our need for friends and companionship. 

A few weeks ago after my son and I watered the therapy gardens, we took a walk along a habitat trail displaying native plants and trees from the Sandhills, which is where the Piedmont ends and the Coastal region begins.

We stopped at a bog, where I later discovered I had received about four ticks.

Green Healing ~ Wetland

Along the trail, we saw the most awesome Ferns ever,

inner life

and learned that our state tree is the Long-leaf Pine.

Green Healing ~ Visual Learning

Our Stately Tree

North Carolina State Tree

Our Beloved Trees

My son isn’t usually interested in taking pictures, but when he saw a little lizard with an orange throat sliding along the edge of the bog’s viewing deck, he was immediately engaged with Nature.

A cute little guy with an orange throat!

Another Green Healing happening!

Thanks for visiting Green Healing Notes! 

7 thoughts on “Flora, Fauna and Notes in Carolina

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  2. Beautiful photos! And, incidentally, I’m reading on my fone, the full site & not the mobile theme, I think, and it looks great!

    • Ash, hi! I totally missed your comment. Thank you! I’m glad it works on your phone. “Responsive Layout” (I think it’s called. My memory is shot these days). I want to display more photos, so if you have ideas let me know okay.

      Big Hugs my sister,
      Love, Michelle.

  3. gorgeous photographs — thx so much for sharing your journey! I miss the outdoors where the busy world is far off and you can feel the power and specialness of places like the bog. I really felt like I was with you exploring the countryside. I really enjoyed the ride!
    again — I’m so glad that for some reason I can acess this blog!

    • Thank You! Nature does it all. I swear. I don’t know anything about a camera, except that bogs fog up the lens, but that was fixable, thank goodness.

      I like the bigger photos, but this blog says it’s easy to use on smaller devices, and it seems like a lot of folks are using smaller devices these days.

      I am really, really glad you felt that you were there with me. That is awesome!

      Healing ‘Green’ Hugs,

  4. Oh… to have a view like that from my ‘back Yard’ What I wouldnt give to have a wonderful view like that.. It reminds me so much of where I lived as a child…. The view on its own would hold its own Green Healing for me Michelle..
    A wonderful Post and such lovely pictures.. ALL of them.. Its so good to share in your Green Healing Love to you my dear friend xxx

    • Yes, I agree. My mom’s backyard is a mighty powerful view indeed! Definitely Green Healing. But, she is planning to move back to her hometown. She misses her friends. Women she used to sit outside on the porch and chat with. I think that is so very important in life. To have someone to share the bits and pieces of everyday life. So, I’ll miss that land, but hopefully, my mother’s spirit will be more lively.

      Thanks for your sweet comment Dreamwalker! I’m so glad to share this Green Healing Love!

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